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Chapter 2137: I Wish You Happiness Too

Ning Shu’s face was dark and she stared at Li Jiuge with a faintly odd gaze.

“I wish you happiness too.”

Li Jiuge watched the trembling meat on Ning Shu’s face for a moment and quickly looked away.

“I’ll come back and visit you in the future.”

“It’s enough to know that you’re living well.” Ning Shu poured a cup of tea and took a sip.

Gu Rui had a radiant smile on his face.

“Is Lanxin unhappy that her marriage candidate chose someone else”

Ning Shu put her teacup on the table.

“No, I just don’t like Miss Li.

She always says I’m fat.”

Li Jiuge nodded.

“Indeed, you are a little fat.”

“Scram…” Ning Shu looked at Li Jiuge.

Gu Rui smiled.

“Even without Jiuge, there’s still me and Mo Juechen.”

Ning Shu: Ha…

One wanted to kill her, the other was also definitely up to nothing good, and they were still considered marriage candidates What nonsense…

It was a good thing she spent so much time on cultivation.

The next time Ning Shu saw Mo Juechen, she’d definitely kill him.

“Lanxin, I want to take some money from the account to buy something for Jiuge.

That way, things will be easier for him in the Li family,” Gu Rui discussed with Ning Shu.

Ning Shu snorted.

“Why does it sound like we’re marrying off a daughter It’s just marrying Jiuge off to the Li family.”

Li Jiuge’s expression immediately darkened.

“It’s enough that you don’t look cute, but the way you speak is nowhere close to cute either.”

“Oh, sorry.

I shouldn’t be so direct,” Ning Shu apologized.

Li Jiuge: …

“Gu Rui, just do as you see fit,” Ning Shu said.

Sending one away was also pretty good.

Gu Rui was a bit surprised when he heard Ning Shu call him by his real name.

“You used to call me Big Brother Gu.”

“Big Brother Gu.” Ning Shu grinned at Gu Rui.

Ning Shu ate with Li Jiuge and Gu Rui.

As usual, she stopped eating after a few bites.

Then she lifted her chubby body and arrogantly walked away.

The next day was very busy since Li Jiuge was getting married.

Xi Tao followed Ning Shu and looked at the bustling house with a dazed expression.

Ning Shu said to Xi Tao, “I can send you to care for Li Jiuge.

Would you like to go”

After she finished speaking, Ning Shu immediately regretted it.

Why should Xi Tao go Li Jiuge was already married.

Should Xi Tao have to watch the newlyweds act sweet with each other

Xi Tao thought about it and refused.

“This servant doesn’t want to go.

This servant wants to stay and take care of Miss.

If Young Master Li lacks someone to take care of him, the Li family has no shortage of slaves and servants.”

After Li Jiuge left, the house became a lot less cheerful.

Ning Shu cultivated every day and became much stronger.

When she encountered Mo Juechen again, she’d definitely be able to withstand two moves and wouldn’t have to resort to just pulling down his pants.

She would also run around the yard every morning.

Ning Shu had lost a lot of weight, but she was still very fat compared to ordinary people.

At least by losing weight gradually, her skin wouldn’t sag.

When she had free time, Ning Shu would rummage around the house to see if there were any hidden mechanisms or special compartments or objects.

She had to find the thing that had attracted Gu Rui and Mo Juechen to the Fang family.

The problem was she didn’t know what it was.

Was it a key, a pearl, a piece of paper, a jade pendant

This was infuriating!

After Ning Shu rummaged through her room, she was covered with sweat.

She’d searched nearly every corner of the room, but she didn’t find anything special at all.

There also weren’t any secret mechanisms.

Ning Shu even climbed onto the roof beam to see if something was hidden there, but nothing came of it.

Could it be that the old man hadn’t given anything to the original host


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