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Skeleton Equipment

Even though Zhou Mingruis current appearance was slightly different from when he was first summoned, in the eyes of most people, he was still a skeleton that was not too thin.

Especially when he stood in front of Yifeng, it was like a teenager standing in front of an adult, the contrast was too obvious.

Yi Feng looked at Zhou Mingrui, who was standing in front of him, and his eyes revealed an unconcealed look of disdain.

“If this guy can knock me down once, Ill drink water while performing a handstand for you on the spot.”

Raising his hand, Yifeng pointed at Zhou Mingrui and laughed out loud.

There was no trace of politeness in his voice.

“Indeed, the dog is like its master.”

Zhou Mingrui wasnt as polite as Yan Wuyue.

In his past life, he had been a troll, and he retorted on the spot without holding back.

“Im sure that your beak is grown in the wrong place.

Otherwise, how could it smell so strong”

“Also, are you a human, a beast, or a demon, or are you nothing”

One sentence after another came out of Zhou Mingruis mouth.

He did not give the other party a chance to retort.

Furthermore, he did not even use a single vulgarity.

“Dont try to argue with me here.

If you have the ability, lets go to the arena and fight.

Ill torture you until you cry for mercy!”

Yifeng couldnt hold it in any longer.

He roared and interrupted Zhou Mingruis words as he spoke viciously.

[Active skill successfully unlocked.

Congratulations to the host for obtaining the active skill “Skeleton Equipment”.]

At that moment, the systems voice suddenly rang in Zhou Mingruis mind.

A smile immediately appeared on his face.

“No problem, Ill accompany you.”

Since the other party was offering him money, and it just so happened that he triggered his active skill, how could he not agree to such a good persons request

Yan Wuyue remained silent at the side.

She only caught up with Zhou Mingrui after Zhao Anqi and Yifeng went to the arena.

“What are your chances of winning against him”


The reason why its 100% is that the highest level is 10 level.”

Zhou Mingrui had a carefree expression on his face.

He did not care about Yifeng at all.

“Alright, then Ill watch a good show.

Remember to earn more.”

Yan Wuyue couldnt help but nod at Zhou Mingruis confident words.

Then, she specifically reminded him to make more money.

Hearing Yan Wuyues words, Zhou Mingrui was a little surprised.

This was the first time he had discovered this side of this woman.

“Sure, no problem.”

Zhou Mingrui agreed without a second thought.

This time, their point of view and purpose were surprisingly the same.

Soon, both sides arrived at the arena.

Yifeng and Zhao Anqi were already waiting at the edge of the arena.

There were very few students around, but there were still a few who noticed the situation.

They stopped their training and came over.

After all, it was the nature of many people to be spectators, especially in an arena battle, which was an entertainment program for many students after their training.

Zhao Anqi was more than willing to let someone see how she ruthlessly stepped on Yan Wuyue.

“Hey, isnt that Yan Wuyue and Zhao Anqi How come theyre fighting”

“Isnt that normal Ive heard that the two of them dont get along among the freshmen.”

“Zhao Anqi must have felt that she could crush Yan Wuyue after seeing her summon the little skeleton, so she came to challenge her to get back her name.”

“Look at Zhao Anqis summoned spirit.

Its a C rank talent summoned spirit, Yifeng.

Yan Wuyues skeleton is the worst F rank talent.”

“This is a one-sided battle.

How could Yan Wuyue dare to accept such a battle”

“Who knows Look at the people around Zhao Anqi; they probably forced her.”

The surrounding students whispered to each other, but this time, they didnt mock Yan Wuyue.

Instead, they focused on Zhao Anqi.

“Shut up.

Whoever is not happy can come up and fight me first!”

Zhao Anqis fiery temper was instantly ignited.

She turned around and looked at the spectating students.

She wasnt afraid of offending these guys at all.

Those who were able to stay at the training ground so late were basically students who were embarrassingly short of money and had poor family backgrounds.

With her family background, she didnt need to be afraid of these guys!

As expected, the students shut their mouths for a moment after being yelled at like that.

They dared to be angry, but they didnt dare to speak.

“Alright, all the annoying flies have shut their mouths.

Next, itll be between you and me.”

“I wont bully you.

You and I wont fight, so how about we let our own summoned spirits fight”

Zhao Anqi made this suggestion that seemed to be very considerate of Yan Wuyue.

“Alright, I have no objections.”

Yan Wuyue was about to refuse, but when she saw Zhou Mingrui waving at her behind her back, she chose to agree.

Zhou Mingrui and Yifeng walked to the center of the arena at the same time.

Both parties looked at each other.

[Welcome to the Self-Service Arena.

The protection system is starting.

The countdown will start in 20 seconds.]

At this moment, the arena had already been activated.

“Im very happy that you actually have the courage to go up to the arena, but Im also very sorry because I wont hold back later.

I hope that your bones are as hard as your mouth and can last a few more rounds under my hands so that I can have my fun.”

Yifeng lowered his head and said to Zhou Mingrui in a mocking tone.

“I also hope that your bones can last longer like your mouth.

After all, Im in need of money recently.”

Zhou Mingrui did not get angry.

Instead, he made a threat.

In the next moment, his eyes lit up with two gray-white soul flames, and the bones on his body lit up with a faint fluorescent light.

[Skeleton Equipment: Level 20 active skill.

You can use your own bones to transform into weapons and armor that suit you.

The attributes of the weapons and armor are based on your level and attributes.

After damage, you can use energy to repair yourself.]

This was Zhou Mingruis first awakened skill, so he was naturally looking forward to it.

At this time, Yifeng just happened to put himself in trouble, so he naturally could not let go of this sandbag that came to his door.

A ball of fluorescent energy quickly wrapped around Zhou Mingruis body.

In the blink of an eye, it formed a close-fitting white bone armor.

Under the light of the training ground, it reflected a metallic glow.

At the same time, a long bone sword appeared in his right hand.

The sharp blade reflected a terrifying white light.

Yifeng didnt care about this.

He had full confidence in his own strength.

In the illusionary spirit world, he had never heard of a low-rank summoned spirit like a skeleton being able to advance to become a powerful expert.

With a flash of yellow light, a double-edged giant ax appeared in his hand.

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