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Dollars Shall Be Transfered on the Spot

Yan Wuyue didnt pay attention to the discussions of the people around her.

She was completely focused on her own training and turned a deaf ear to the complicated information from the outside world.

As time passed, the number of students in the training ground slowly decreased.

By the time it was close to 11 p.m., There were only a few people left in the training ground.


Sitting on the sofa in the rest area, Yan Wuyue heaved a long sigh of relief.

After wiping the sweat off her face with a towel, she took out a bottle of nutrient drink, opened the lid, and drank it.

Zhou Mingrui, who was beside her, was already lying on the sofa.

He was even snoring softly.

The students passing by looked at Zhou Mingrui in surprise.

They could not understand how a summoned spirit could lie down and sleep in the open in the training ground.

Yan Wuyue didnt care.

She got up and went to the battle simulation training area.

This was a necessary program after daily physical and combat training.

It allowed the body to gradually relax, and at the same time, it could train ones nerve reaction and muscle memory.

However, just as she got up and was about to leave, six figures appeared in front of her.

One of them, a sexy woman with fiery red wavy hair and wearing a branded training suit, came forward and looked at Yan Wuyue up and down with contempt.

“Hey, isnt this Yan Wuyue, the No.

1 of our secret realm trial Why are you here”

Yan Wuyue frowned slightly at the undisguised mockery in her tone.

“Speaking of which, wheres that trash summoned beast of yours Why dont I see it Or have you already locked it up because you dont like it”

The woman covered her mouth and laughed, and the lackeys beside her also chimed in.

“It must be that our Goddess Yan doesnt like skeletons.”

“Thats right; if she can get the first place by herself, why does she need that trash summoned spirit”

“However, without a summoned spirit, you cant participate in the freshmen tournament!”

At this time, the red-haired woman walked up and said in a mocking tone.

“Zhao Anqi, get out of my way.

I need to go and train.”

Yan Wuyue looked indifferent.

As if she didnt hear her at all.

“Yan Wuyue, your clan has cut off almost seventy to eighty percent of your cultivation resources.

Your status is almost the same as a servant, and your summoned spirit is a useless skeleton.

Where do you get the confidence to be arrogant in front of me”

Zhao Anqi ran her fingers through her curly hair as a look of confidence appeared on her face.

From the moment she entered the school, she had chosen Yan Wuyue as her opponent, who was sought after by tens of thousands of people and was as cold as ice.

But after a round of comparison, whether it was in terms of appearance, figure, talent, or family background, Yan Wuyue was firmly above her.

How could Zhao Anqi, who had been pampered by everyone since she was young, tolerate this

However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldnt surpass her in any aspect.

In fact, she almost gave up in despair.

But on the day of the summoning ritual, Zhao Anqi saw Yan Wuyue summon a skeleton with her own eyes.

She was stunned, but at the same time, she became excited.

From the recorded history to the present, no one had ever seen a summoned spirit like a skeleton surpass a D rank talent.

Not to mention, the testing device had indicated that the skeleton had the lowest F rank talent.

Zhao Anqi was so excited that she couldnt sleep that night.

She could almost see Yan Wuyue lowering her head in front of her.

Even though she was not as beautiful as her, she could completely crush her in terms of strength.

“Zhao Anqi, I told you to move!”

Yan Wuyue spoke again, and her tone gradually became cold.

“Oh, you still have a temper Then call out your summoned spirit and let me be convinced to make way for you.”

Zhao Anqi didnt seem to mind.

She even took two steps forward and snapped her fingers.

A two-meter tall, 3.5-meter long summoned spirit appeared behind Zhao Anqi.

Its upper body was that of a muscular human, while its lower body was that of a bird with wings.

It had a pair of extremely sharp claws that reflected a faint light under the light of the training ground.

“This is my summoned beast, Yifeng, a summoned spirit of an orc.

It has a top grade C rank talent and has reached level 20!”

Zhao Anqi summoned her summoned spirit and began to show off in front of Yan Wuyue.

“Come on, how about showing us your summoned spirit”

“Thats right; weve already summoned it.

Dont you bring your own summoned spirit to the training ground”

Hearing these peoples sneers and they had no intention to move away, Yan Wuyue was ready to call the training ground security.

“Hey, Yan Wuyue, dont rush.

I heard that youre recently short of money, right How about we make a bet”

“Call out your summoned beast.

If it can hit my summoned spirit, Ill give you 100 dollars.”

Zhao Anqi began to use money as bait, trying to tempt Yan Wuyue to make a move.

“Get out of my way.

Ill say it one last time!”

Yan Wuyues eyes had turned cold, even with some inexplicable meaning.

However, Zhao Anqi had already entered a state of extreme excitement.

This was the first time she could bully Yan Wuyue like this, so how could she give up just like that

“If 100 is not enough, how about 500”

“But with your family background, you definitely wont be interested in 500.

Then 1000 it is.

Hmm, why do you still have that expression How about 5000!”

“As long as your summoned spirit can defeat my summoned spirit once, Ill give you 5000!”

Yan Wuyue had narrowed her eyes, and a trace of killing intent was about to leak out.

“5000 dollars is not enough”

“How about this, Ill give you 10000 dollars, but you cant be too greedy.

As long as you knock down my summoned spirit ten times, youll get 10000 dollars, and Ill transfer the money on the spot!”

Hearing this, the faint killing intent in Yan Wuyues eyes suddenly disappeared.

She began to reconsider.

“Are you an idiot for not accepting such a good deal”

Just then, a reproachful voice came from behind Yan Wuyue.

“I really didnt expect there to be such a good person.

She knows that were short of money, so she sent it to our door.

Should I give her a warm hug”

As he said that, Zhou Mingrui quickly stepped forward and gave Zhao Anqi a big bear hug.

Hmm, very impressive!

Before the other party could react, Zhou Mingrui decisively released his embrace.

“Lets make a deal.

You have to give me 10000 dollars if I knock down this birdman once!”

“Yan Wuyue, turn on the video recording function in case these people renege on their debt.”

In order to prevent her from going back on her word, Zhou Mingrui even turned his head to remind Yan Wuyue, who was beside him, to start recording.

Dont worry; I wont go back on my word.

Because I, Zhao Anqi, wont throw away my reputation for this bit of money.”

“Moreover, you want to defeat my Yifeng with your skeleton-like appearance”

“In your dreams!”

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