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Chapter 2138: Someone Was There!

Goodness, what a headache.

It was seriously rough without a storyline.

Ning Shu lightly jumped down from the roof beam.

She was obviously very heavy, but the impact was no more than if a feather had landed on the ground.

Ning Shu was too lazy to search anymore, so she sat cross-legged on the bed to cultivate.

Even if she never found what Mo Juechen wanted, as long as she had the power, that nutjob wouldnt be able to do anything to her.

Ning Shu cultivated until the middle of the night.

Suddenly, her nose twitched and she noticed a faint scent of blood.

A sound came from the roof.

Ning Shu opened her eyes.

Someone was there!

Ning Shu got out of bed and leaned against the wall.

Soft creaking came from the window.

Someone was opening the window.

A figure, wearing particularly conspicuous white clothing, jumped into the room.

The smell of blood grew stronger with their entrance.

It was Mo Juechen, and he was injured.

Ning Shu grinned silently.

She picked up a wooden club she had placed nearby and swung it towards Mo Juechen.

Mo Juechen was an expert martial artist.

Hearing an object approaching him, he immediately turned his head, saw the club, and moved to block it with his jade flute.

Then, Ning Shu abruptly changed the direction of the club and hit Mo Juechens arm.

Mo Juechen groaned.

He grabbed Ning Shu and tried to restrain her.

Ning Shu used all her strength and kicked Mo Juechens leg.

A quiet snapping sound was heard and Mo Juechen groaned in pain.

After kicking him, Ning Shu turned around and ran away.

Mo Juechens tense voice sounded behind her, “Fang Lanxin, Ill peel off your skin and harvest your fat for oil…”

Ning Shu ran directly to Gu Ruis room, kicked the door open, and charged in.

Gu Rui was sitting on the bed.

With his long ink-like hair hanging loose and his white inner clothes, he had the lazy and charming look of a beautiful man who had just awoken.

“Whats wrong” Gu Rui asked Ning Shu.

Ning Shu panted, “Theres a rapist in my room.”

Gu Rui froze for a moment.

“A rapist”

“Yes, a rapist.

He knows my name is Fang Lanxin, so he must have coveted me for a long time,” Ning Shu said.

“Ahem…” Gu Rui didnt speak for a long time.

“What are you doing Go catch him,” Ning Shu urged Gu Rui.

“Wait a minute, you go out and wait for me.”

Ning Shu turned around and left.

When Gu Rui came out, he had put on a coat.

They both went to Ning Shus room.

Ning Shu saw that her room was brightly lit.

Her room was dark when she left, but now the room was illuminated.

This just showed how arrogant Mo Juechen was.

Gu Rui entered the room first and saw Mo Juechen sitting on a stool.

Ning Shu went in and asked with a look of surprise, “What are you doing in my room Did you drive the rapist away”

“Rapist” Mo Juechens voice was soft.

“What are you doing Why are you in Lanxins room at this time of night” Gu Rui asked in a light tone.

He glanced at Mo Juechen.

“Are you injured”

“Its nothing.

Some people just ganged up on me under the banner of righteousness.” Mo Juechen looked at Ning Shu.

“They didnt do much to me, but then this damned girl dared to make things worse.”

Ning Shus face contorted in shock.

“So youre the rapist.

What are you doing in my room”

Ning Shu held her clothes tightly and looked at Mo Juechen vigilantly.

“Im telling you now, even if youre one of my marriage candidates and desire me, I wont let you get away with this.”

Suddenly, Mo Juechen groaned while clutching his chest.

Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth.

He seemed to have suffered an internal injury.

“There is someone on the roof.” Gu Rui looked up at the ceiling.

Mo Juechen immediately dropped down on Ning Shus bed and used the blanket to cover himself.

Translator: LiLi

Editor: Wheat

Translator: Kaho


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