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Chapter 2136: Xi Tao Liked LI Jiuge

Xi Tao was a little dazed.

This reconfirmed Ning Shu’s suspicion that Xi Tao liked Li Jiuge.

“Is Miss Li pretty” Ning Shu asked Xi Tao.

Xi Tao rolled her eyes.

“She touts herself as a great beauty.”

So she really was beautiful.

Seeing Xi Tao’s expression, Ning Shu said, “Go and see if the food is ready.”

“Yes.” Xi Tao turned around and left.

The lunch was brought in by the cook, who said that Xi Tao was feeling unwell.

Ning Shu ate a little and went to see Xi Tao, who was lying in bed with the quilt over her head.

“What’s the matter” Ning Shu asked.

“It’s okay, Miss.

This servant is just a little uncomfortable and can’t properly serve Miss right now.” Xi Tao’s voice was sullen, with a strong nasally sound.

“Then have a good rest.” Xi Tao’s heart had just been broken.

Ning Shu returned to her room and started cultivating.

Her dantian had more energy than before, and that energy was slowly transforming her body.

Although she was still fat, her muscles were stronger and she could be considered a healthy fatty.

Ning Shu cultivated for half the day before Xi Tao, who’d been crying for a long time, came to serve her with red eyes.

Ning Shu silently sighed.

She was helpless in situations like this.

“Do you feel better” Ning Shu asked.

“This servant is much better.

Thank you, Miss.” Xi Tao’s voice was hoarse.

“Miss, Eldest Young Master Gu has asked Miss to go to the front hall to have dinner.

He said that he has something to discuss with you.” A maid walked in and saluted Ning Shu.

Ning Shu hummed in response.

It was probably to discuss Li Jiuge’s marriage.

Li Jiuge had yet to grow a beard, but he was already getting married

Ning Shu went to the front hall.

Gu Rui and Li Jiuge were seated at the table.

Ning Shu didn’t know what to say.

Gu Rui had a smile on his face, and Li Jiuge’s smile stretched from ear to ear.

Ning Shu snorted.

Her footsteps sounded heavily on the ground.

“Anything to tell me” Ning Shu glanced at Li Jiuge who was smiling.

“What are you smiling at”

“Today, I accompanied Jiuge to the Li family.” Gu Rui said.

Ning Shu’s tone was neutral, “The result”

“The Li family accepts the marriage, but Jiuge will live with the Li family,” Gu Rui said with a smile.

Ning Shu glanced at Xi Tao who had her head down to hide her face.

“When will you get married” Ning Shu asked Li Jiuge.

“Xi Tao, go see when the cook will finish preparing the food.” Ning Shu pushed Xi Tao away.

Gu Rui glanced at Ning Shu and Xi Tao and took a sip from his teacup.

His movements were graceful and noble.

“Yes, Miss.” Xi Tao hurried out.

Ning Shu went straight to the point.

“Why did the Li family agree to the marriage It’s not because of your status as a prince, right”

“I’m not a prince now.

That status will only lead to my death.

I won’t use it,” Li Jiuge said.

“I really love Miss Li.”

The corners of Ning Shu’s mouth twitched.

“Congratulations then.”

A family as rich as the Li family definitely wanted power.

They had money and Li Jiuge had status, so it was a mutually beneficial relationship.

“Thank you, Lanxin.

I hope you also find happiness,” Li Jiuge said.

Damn, why was this sentence so familiar ‘You’ll definitely find happiness,’ wasn’t this said in comfort after breaking up

Ning Shu suspected that Li Jiuge was afraid of marrying her, so he hurriedly found someone else to marry.

Jeez, it wasn’t like she was going to force him to marry her.


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