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Chapter 3417: Do you still remember that bet (4)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

She couldnt figure out what the hell Li Leyun was up to.

Li Leyun spoke in a dramatic manner, raising her voice: “Its like this, when I came out of the courtyard just now, I happened to see two of Grandmaster Xiaos named disciples at the door.

They should be in charge of patrolling, so theyve been talking about the competition.

However, I heard from them that during the competition today, there was a Spiritual Armament Master who had been sleeping and didnt seem to take the competition to heart at all.”

Hearing Li Leyuns words, Huang Yuelis eyes widened.

This… this clearly meant her!

Sure enough, Li Leyun said with a mysterious smile: “Arent you curious, who would fall asleep in the middle of such an important competition I also found it very strange, so I stopped and listened carefully, and I heard it that this Spiritual Armament Master was in the refining room number 31!”


By now, everyone knows that that was Huang Yuelis number.

As soon as Li Leyun finished speaking, hundreds of eyes focused on Huang Yueli.

Grandmaster Xiaos expression changed, and he said, “Young Miss Li, you cant spout such nonsense!”

Li Leyun said: “How could I The people who are in charge of patrolling the competition today are all Grandmaster Xiaos disciples and servants, right If you dont believe me, you can gather these people.

I still remember what those two looked like.

Well, Grandmaster Xiao just needs toask them and would know whether what I said was true or false.”

Li Leyuns words sounded very confident, and it didnt sound like a lie at all.

For a while, everyone present all looked at each other, their faces full of surprise.

Originally, everyone had already accepted the results of the competition and admitted that Huang Yueli was the worthy of the first place.

Unexpectedly, such a turning point suddenly appeared.

Everyone was a little dazed.

Seeing how Li Leyun said so confidently, could it be that there was really such a thing

If Huang Yueli slept during the entire competition, then she definitely didnt have time to refine a finished product, let alone such an excellent product!

In this case, cant it be inferred that there is something wrong with the Spirit Armament she handed over

Everyones gazes went back and forth on the faces of Huang Yueli and Li Leyun, looking over and over, not knowing whose side to stand on.

If its just from selfishness, everyone thinks Huang Yueli is more like a good person, but Li Leyun said so calmly that there were witnesses… this wasnt something random, right

Grandmaster Xiao was also confused.

He looked at Huang Yueli with obvious doubts in his tone.

“Madame Li, whats going on here Is what Young Miss Li said true You really fell asleep in the middle of the competition Then the Spirit Armament…”

At this time, Huang Yue was also deeply annoyed.

She knew that she shouldnt have fallen asleep just now! Its all Li Moyings fault!

She hadnt forgotten to throw the blame in her heart, so she scolded her husband in her heart.

Of course, on the surface, she was still smiling and calm.

“Grandmaster Xiao, I cant refute what Young Miss Li said.

Its true…”

“What Is this true”

“Madame Li actually admitted it”

Someone couldnt help but exclaimed in surprise.

Grandmaster Xiaos face darkened, “Madame Li, are you admitting that you cheated in the competition”

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