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Sun Ce lit a cigarette and said, “I dont think theres much point in investigating it.

Regardless, weve already started attacking.

Theres no point in retreating.”

Lu Xuan nodded.

“I did some calculations just now.

Even if he mortgaged all his assets, he would only be able to borrow 50 billion at most.”

“50 billion is nothing,” Sun Ce said.

“The shares that the four of us borrowed about about 100 billion worth of shares from the brokerages.

Isnt that more than enough to play him to death”

“Thats true, but hes digging his own grave by doing this.” Gu Changchuan said.

“If he really mortgaged Longxin to fight us, if news of this is leaked, their share price will plummet.”

“Boss is right.” Zhao Mo said.

“Ill have to trouble Boss tomorrow to use some connections to investigate the situation in Zhonghai.”

“Leave it to me.”

Zhao Mo picked up his phone again and called Fu Zhengyi.

“Keep dumping.

Theres no need to slow down.

I want to see how much he can take.”

After hanging up, Sun Ce smiled.

“We should just enjoy our meal and drink here.

Theres no need to overthink.

With his tiny bit of ability, he still wants to go against us What a joke.”

“Haha, youre right.” Zhao Mo raised his glass.


The next morning, Ji Qingyan woke up as usual to prepare breakfast.

This had become a habit for hers.

“Why do your eyes like a pandas” Lin Yi asked.

“Is it that bad”

“Youll see for yourself.”

When Ji Qingyan reached the bathroom, she saw two large dark circles under her eyes.

She pursed her lips and said,

“I watched the stock market yesterday until the latter half of the night.

This might be because I didnt sleep well, but Ill cover it with foundation later.

In any case, they dumped more than seven billion last night.

They didnt slow down at all.

Fortunately, we absorbed it and stabilized the stock market.”

“I already told you not to worry, so why were you still watching it” Lin Yi said as he ate.

“The shares in their hands were all borrowed from brokerages.

No matter what happens, they will continue to dump.

Now that we are the active party, dont focus on this matter.

It will last for a few days.”

“But I couldnt help it.

I kept thinking about it, and I couldnt fall asleep the entire night, so I decided to stay up.

“Ill put on more foundation and wear sunglasses later so everything will be fine.”

“I dont know what to do with you.”

“Are you working the night shift tonight” Ji Qingyan returned to the dining table and asked.

“Would you prefer me to take the day shift”

“Come home with me tonight.

I want to get some clothes.”

“Looks like President Ji plans to stay here often.”

Ji Qingyan held her head high.

Her casually tied ponytail drew a beautiful arc in the air.

Even without makeup, her bare face was filled with the vitality of a young girl.

“I didnt even want to come.

You were the one who kept inviting me.”

“Thats a stretch.

Even if I invited you, you could still refuse.”

“You were too enthusiastic, so it was hard to reject you.

I couldnt refuse.”


“Say that again!”

Ji Qingyan stared at him with her beautiful eyes.

If Lin Yi continued talking, she would probably attack him.

“No, I wont say anymore.

I dragged you here.

Its been hard on you, President Ji.”

“Thats better.”

After a simple meal, Ji Qingyan returned to her room and began to change her clothes and put on makeup.

The most important thing was to cover the dark circles under her eyes.

She was wearing black jeans and a beige windbreaker that accentuated her slender figure and gave her a cool aura.

After changing, the two of them drove to work.

When he arrived at the department, Lin Yi saw Li Chuhan sitting in front of the computer, looking at the screen meticulously.

She had a pair of rimless glasses on her nose and was studying the medical report on the computer.

She didnt even notice Lin Yi coming in.

“Brother Lin, youre here.”

Seeing Lin Yi enter, Qiao Xin took the initiative to greet him.

Li Chuhan saw Lin Yi and moved aside to make room for him.

“Have you eaten” Li Chuhan asked as she took out an apple.

“I had breakfast, but no apples.”

Lin Yi took the apple with a smile and handed it to Qiao Xin.

“Help me peel it.”


The other young male doctors were envious and jealous when they saw Lin Yi receiving such treatment.

However, there was nothing they could do about it.

They were not even as handsome as his shadow and not as rich as it either.

More importantly, their skills could not compare to his.

This was really frustrating.

A few minutes later, Qiao Xin handed the peeled apple to Lin Yi.

“Brother Lin, did you see the WeChat Moments I posted yesterday”

“No, why”

“The childs father seems to have started a GoFundMe and is asking the public for help.

He has already raised more than 20,000 yuan.”

“Isnt that a good thing There are still many kind people in society.”

“Its indeed a good thing, but some public accounts took it out of context and are now pointing fingers at medicine like Nosinogen Sodium.

They claim that Ausland sells it for 200 yuan, but when it reaches Huaxia, it becomes 700,000 yuan.

The media was so noisy that many people are now talking about it.”

“Are those people retarded The situation in Ausland and Huaxia is different.

Its not a fair comparison at all.”

“Thats right.

I was discussing it with them earlier on, telling them that it is so cheap in Ausland because of medical insurance.

However, I only have one mouth and cant win against them at all, so I simply ignored this matter.”

“Let those idiots discuss it.

Theyre just a group of retards.

They cant cause any harm.”

Lin Yi believed that in this society, most people were one-demnsional.

They would constantly discuss the latest gossip before moving on to the next bit of hot news.

Thus, it wouldnt be long before such retarded words disappeared.

“I hope thats the case,” Qiao Xin said speechlessly.

“They just wanted to gather funds and request peoples help.

I didnt expect the public to bring up these things.

Whats going on”

“Thats right.” Lin Yi said as he ate the apple, “This apple is quite sweet.”

“Ill bring you more tomorrow,” Li Chuhan whispered.

“Director Li, Brother Lin doesnt like apples,” Qiao Xin said.

“What does he like to eat”

“Brother Lin likes to eat steamed buns.

Its best if theyre white and big, soft and tender.

Brother Lin definitely likes those best.”

Li Chuhan might not understand much regarding bananas, but she could understand steamed buns.

“Stop talking nonsense and focus on your work,” Li Chuhan said embarrassedly.

“So be it,” Qiao Xin said.

“I feel like Brother Lin has already eaten.”

Li Chuhans face turned even redder.

She was so embarrassed that she didnt know what to say.

Lin Yi didnt mind, but Li Chuhans face was as pink as the petals of a crabapple.

It was quite pleasing to the eye.


At this moment, Liang Ruoxu called.

“Do you have time for lunch Do you want to have a meal together”

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