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However, no matter what, Xie Luan was very excited when she returned to the Xie family to meet her long-lost relatives.

After talking to old madam Xie for a while, she began to cry again.

Xie Yuns wife said gently, “Little Luan, Dont Cry anymore.

Youll have a headache if you cry too much.”

“Yes, I know.

Its just that Im too happy.”Xie luan bit her lips, and her eyes were red.

“I never thought that I would still be able to meet you guys in my lifetime.”

Xie Luan realized that the first half of her life might have been filled with sadness ever since she was lost.

The conflict with Jian Jun.


And her terrible health.

And the memories she had lost.

It could be said that there was a time when Xie Luan did not want to live anymore.

Of course, her health at that time was terrible, and she almost died.

Fortunately, she fell in the snow and happened to meet Xiao Yan.

At this point, Xie Luans pale life slowly added many colors.

Now, her father was on the left and her mother was on the right.

Sitting opposite her were her elder brother and sister-in-law.

Xie Luan talked about her experiences one by one, although these things had already been talked about on the phone over the past few years.

But talking on the phone was different from talking face to face.

The family seemed to want to make up for all the lost time.

After hearing what Xie Luan said, the Xie family once again confirmed that Xiao Yan was their familys Lucky Star.

In the end, when Xie Yun saw that his father was holding back his cough while his younger sister, Xiao Luan, looked tired, he said, “Xiao Luan, you should go and rest first.

Dad, its your lunch break time too.

You should go and rest first.

When we have prepared dinner, we will call for you.”

“Thats right, Little Luan.

Ill accompany you there.

Theres a house over there that mom and dad specially left for you.”

Xie Luan entered and was busy talking to her parents, brother, and sister-in-law.

She had no idea where her luggage had been sent to.

When she heard that there was a house, she was momentarily stunned.

Then, she immediately waved her hand and said, “No, no, no.

I dont want to live so far away.

These few days, I want to spend more time with mom and Dad.

Mom and dad, let me live next door to you.

I can live anywhere.

I dont want to be too far away from you.”

Xie Luan looked at Old Madam Xie and Xie An with eager eyes.

Old Madam Xie actually wanted to be closer to her daughter.

She said softly, “Then you can live next door to us.

But the room over there isnt too big.”

“Mom, if you dont mind, I want to sleep on the floor in your room!”Xie Luan said jokingly.

Feeling her daughter acting coquettishly again, old madam Xie nodded slightly and said, “Then how about this Let your father sleep in his room.

Little Luan, you sleep with me tonight.”

Xie Luan turned around and looked at her father.

Xie An smiled helplessly and said, “Little Luan, you pushed me away the moment you came back.”

“Little Luan, dont listen to your fathers nonsense!”Old Madam Xie also stared at her husband speechlessly.

How Old were they !

Moreover, although the two of them were now in the same room, they slept in separate beds.

After all, Xie Ans body still had many problems, so she had to be more careful.

Seeing her parents teasing each other, Xie Luan recalled that her parents were like this when they were young.

Their relationship was especially good, and they often bicker.

As they bicker, they would chuckle.

Even though decades had passed.

But no one had changed.

Xie Luan thought.

This is great.

The Xie family was overjoyed and extremely lively.

Far away in the office of the commander of a star district on the main star, Bai Jianjun was frowning as he looked at the document in his hand.

The guard next to him choked and asked cautiously, “Sir, is there something wrong with this document”

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