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What will they be talking about

Gu Yan thought that it might have something to do with her.

Bai Jianjun and Lu Ye knew Gu Yans plans after the New Year.

Now it seemed that Lu Haiyang also knew about it.

This matter needed to be kept a secret, and only the few people at home knew about it.

Gu Yan reached out her hand and gently knocked on the door, then put her hand on the doorknob.

When she pushed the door open, she saw that Bai Jianjun and Lu Ye were quite calm.

Only Lu Haiyangs face was a little red from excitement.

Especially when he saw Gu Yan come in, Lu Haiyang said worriedly, “Xiao Yan, have you really decided”

Gu Yans undercover operation this time had changed a lot.

It was because she needed some time to break away from her current interpersonal relationship and go to the outer space to live a new life.

Someone would help her prepare for her identity, but more importantly, Gu Yan would have to face it on her own for the next period of time.

Yin was a double-edged sword.

If she used it well, it would be beneficial to them.

If she didnt use it well, she would become an enemy.

Then, it would be very bad news for Gu Yan and the others.

If Yin had nothing to do with the Black Angel, it would be fine.

However, it seemed that the Black Angel had become the number one pirate organization.

If it really wanted to cooperate with Yin, it was possible.

Not to mention, Yin had too many secrets.

Once he could infiltrate their organization, Gu Yan could support the missions and work of several groups from many aspects.

If Gu Yan did it well, the intelligence that Lu Ye had received when he was with the Eagle Eye pirate crew would be even more useful.

The contribution that Gu Yan had made to the Black Star troopers would be even greater!

It was precisely because it was so important that the danger was even greater.

That was why Lu Haiyang said so.

Gu Yan was very grateful for her grandfathers concern.

She walked to Lu Yes side, glanced at him, and said calmly, “Although this mission is very dangerous, I feel that this is also a very big challenge.

“At the same time, if I complete this mission, I can also reduce the burden on many of my companions and help others.

“However, I just feel a little sorry for Ah Ye and for all of you…”

“Yan Yan, dont say that.”Lu Ye could not bear to see Gu Yan like this.

He did not care that Bai Jianjun and Lu Haiyang were still in front of him.

He immediately held Gu Yans hand and said seriously, “This is an ideal, this is a belief, this is a challenge, and this is also an opportunity.”

Lu Haiyang said in a speechless manner, “You Little Brat, why do I feel so uncomfortable listening to you suddenly preach!”

“Dad, Ive always been able to preach.”

“TSK.”Lu Haiyang glared at his son.

Bai Jianjun sat at the side and took a sip of warm tea.

He said to Gu Yan, “Xiao Yan, have you already told the Commander about this”

“Yes, I have.

The plan will start after the New Year.

As for the school, I will graduate early and enter the hospital.

Then, I will disguise my new identity and go to the outer space zone.”

Yins base was on planet s, so Gu Yan went straight to planet s to find an identity to settle down.

Then, he started to infiltrate according to the plan.

He would infiltrate the space pirate gang and gain their trust.

One year was really not enough.

This was under the premise that everything Gu Yan did was very smooth.

Once something unexpected happened in the middle, it would be even more impossible to take care of it.

Bai Jianjun was silent for a moment before saying, “Xiao Yan, you go ahead.

Ill take care of the family matters.”

“Dad, thank you.”

Bai Jianjun smiled faintly and shook his head.

“Silly girl, what are you thanking me for Its my duty to take care of the family matters.

Moreover, from the perspective of the Black Star Troopers, I should be thanking you for your efforts.”

Gu Yan nodded slightly.

Her heart was a little bitter.

How could she not know that her father was worried about her

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