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The man paused for a moment, then grinned.

“Youre very smart.”

Gu Yan smiled and kicked him.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“Youre also very beautiful,”the man praised again.

Then, he turned around to avoid Gu Yans attack and said, “Very beautiful.”

“So, is it suitable to be the main character in a novel”Gu Yans lips curled up, and the hostility in her eyes suddenly rose.

She immediately pulled back the fishing line.

The Mans face was very relaxed a moment ago, but the next moment, his entire face changed.

Then, he pulled back in time, but because of inertia, the fishing line still cut the back of his hand, revealing a scarlet bloody scar!

Although it was unknown, it still made the man take two steps back.

“When”He paused, narrowed his eyes, and an excited light flashed across his face.

“So youre really not simple.

I suddenly realized that youre really suitable to be the main character in my novel.”

“I can be the main character, but I wont be the main character in your novel!”Gu Yan smiled slightly and then withdrew the almost transparent fishing line.

This man was a little suspicious.

A bad premonition flashed through his mind.

The next moment, he fell to the ground with a bang.

His body gradually became weak, but his eyes were still staring at Gu Yan.

“Is there a problem with the fishing line”

“Yes.”Gu Yan nodded kindly.

The man suddenly smiled and said, “I didnt kill that fat security guard.”

“Leave the explanation to the security guard.”

The man smiled slightly.

Even though his body couldnt move anymore.

Gu Yan put some paralyzing drugs on the fishing line.

He had put some things in the medical box into the medical box, and it finally came in handy.

He was afraid that this man would never understand why Gu Yan would carry the fishing line and the numbing medicine with her

Coincidentally, Guo Rou walked over with a man from the outer space.

Guo Rou was worried that something might happen to Gu Yan, so she immediately came over to greet him.

“Gu Yan, are you alright”

“Im fine.”Gu Yan shook her head and then looked at the man from the outer space beside Guo Rou.

The Man took the initiative to use the alien language and said, “Hello, Im Mikes colleague.

Ill be in charge of this matter.”

Guo Rou added, “Mike is the one with golden hair who was stabbed in the abdomen by his girlfriend.”

“Was Mike the one who sent the message to the ground”Gu Yan looked at the alien man.

The man nodded.

Since things had come to this, Gu Yan didnt say much since it involved some matters of the Galactic Federation.

She pointed at the man lying on the ground and said, “This person is very suspicious.

You can arrest him and interrogate him first.

Also, I think that something has happened to the person in the interrogation room.”

After all, the novelist who had disguised himself as an old woman had just come out of the interrogation room.

Gu Yan did not think that this man had done nothing.

The man was unconscious, but his consciousness was still clear.

He was silently saying a name.

Gu Yan.

This matter seemed to have come to an end, but in reality, the police of both countries had taken over.

There were still doubts, but Gu Yan and Guo Rou could not continue to participate in the follow-up matters.

After all, the two of them were still students at the Empires first academy.

After undergoing a routine check, Gu Yan and Guo Rou received their luggage and left together.

Guo Rou was still a little confused, “This matter has ended just like that Why do I feel that there are suspicious points everywhere.

This security officer clearly said that Mike was the one who had sent the news to the ground, but the captain previously said that there wasnt any! And that good-looking man, is he really the old lady who sat next to you”

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