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Shen Xiyan took a deep look at Ying, then turned around and ran.

Without any hesitation.

Guo Rous side had already been passively fighting with Ying.

Although Guo Rou might not be as strong as the battle-hardened Ying, Ying was already seriously injured.

What he wanted to do was to stall Guo Rou and create an opportunity for Shen Xiyan to escape.

How could guo rou not understand.

She immediately shouted to Gu Yan, “Gu Yan, quickly chase after that woman! They must have left a backup plan at the rooftop!”

Without guessing, it was obvious that the bottom was already surrounded.

If she wanted to leave, she could only leave from the rooftop.

Gu Yan naturally understood.

Moreover, the shadows gun had also fallen, so it should not pose any threat to Guo Rous life.

However, when passing by the two people who were struggling together, Gu Yan casually threw down a sentence.

“Helping the woman you love to chase another man, youre really great.”

After throwing down this sentence, Gu Yan had already quickly chased after Shen Xiyan.

Gu Yans physical strength had improved a lot over the past few years, not to mention that Shen Xiyans arm was also injured.

The pain would also affect Shen Xiyans speed.

Therefore, Gu Yans speed was much faster than Shen Xiyans.

However, Guo Rou, who was still wrestling with him, was a little confused.

“What does Gu Yan Mean”

Only Ying Wei lowered her eyes slightly.

A dark and obscure light flashed past her eyes.

The girl she loved.

Chasing other men.

Youre really great!

It had to be said that every word of this strange and beautiful woman pierced his heart!

When a person had an obsession in his heart, he might erupt with great fighting strength or an incredible willpower.

But… What if his heart was dead

Ying had always known that Xiyan did not love him and had never loved him.

Because in Xiyans heart, there had always been only that man, Lei Qing.

And she had even given birth to a child for him!

Xiyan… using my life in exchange for the chance for you to escape, consider this as repaying the debt you owe me for saving my life back then..

There was no greater sorrow than the shadow of a dead heart.

He lost all his strength and blood spilled all over the ground.

With a loud crash, he fell to the ground.

​ “Dont you dare dream of dying! Youre still useful!”Guo Rou did not care about the consequences and directly found the gauze to stop the bleeding of this persons wound.

Then, she tied him up.

She said into the walkie-talkie, “Theres an important figure of the Black Angel in the tank at the entrance of the rooftop.

He has lost too much blood and is unconscious.

Please send help!”

After doing all this, Guo Rou ran to the rooftop without looking back.

Gu Yan, Im Coming!

Besides, when Gu Yan ran to the rooftop, she found that there was an iron staircase on it.

The staircase wound upwards and there was a small platform.

There was a short-moored spaceship on the platform.

The propeller had started to spin, but the people on the platform seemed to be in conflict.

Gu Yan immediately took out her gun and slowly approached cautiously.

She was always careful to hide.

When she approached the iron staircase, she finally saw the situation clearly.

There were four people next to the short-moored spaceship.

They were two people from Planet B.

One of them was a man wearing glasses.

He was the one Gu Yan had heard in the room earlier.

The other person from Planet B was a bearded man.

Standing next to the bespectacled man, it was obvious that they were both members of the space pirates.

In other words, these two people had quite a high status in this space pirate gang.

The third person was Shen Xiyan, who had just escaped with an injured arm.

The expression on her face had lost the elegance and dignity that she had always maintained.

The last person was… Lu Ye!

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