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And to Gu Yans left was one of the two remaining doors.

They were already here.

Although Gu Yan was also worried about Guo Rou, she knew that fighting was also what Guo Rou was best at.

Moreover, rather than saying that this was their test, it was actually also a trial.

Especially if the two children were behind this door, then they could end the rescue ahead of time and retreat safely.

After all, time was ticking away.

Gu Yan did not know what agreement the two sides had reached on the hostage.

In short, it was not a good thing.

She could only end it quickly.

It was the kings way and the key to solving all the problems!


Gu Yan was not in a hurry.

She still followed the original method and twisted the door handle.

The sound was very subtle, reminding her that the door was locked.

Gu Yan immediately took out a paper clip from her pocket and began to knock on the door.

Her movements were very gentle, but the Sleepy Wen Jing suddenly opened her eyes!

Something was wrong!

The door of this room was well-preserved, unlike the others, which had cracks due to age, so the sound insulation was not very good.

The soundproof effect of this room was better, so Gu Yan did not hear any sound when he was fighting with the two men not far away.

But this time was different.

Gu Yan was picking the lock, so the sound was directly connected to the room.

After all, it was late at night, and it was too close.

Wen Jing had already checked this room.

It was very empty, and the windows were sealed, so there was no way out.

Not only was the door locked, but there were also two bearded men with greasy faces looking at the two of them.

At this moment, the two men were sleeping with their backs against each other.

They were snoring intermittently.

Even so, Wen Jing still heard the faint sound.

Her gaze finally fell on the door handle.

Wen Jing stared at the door handle tightly.

She quickly calculated in her heart.

If the person who came in was a member of the space pirates, then it definitely wouldnt have taken so long.

Moreover, if it was the other party, they definitely shouldnt have made such a small sound!

Didnt that mean that..

Someone had come to save them!

After figuring out that it might be her companions outside the door, the young Wen Jing was still calm and composed.

She thought for a moment and even moved slightly to the side.

In the afternoon, she saw a piece of broken glass under the broken stool.

Because the two men had been drinking and talking, she didnt have the chance to pick it up.

And now was the best chance!

Wen Jing looked at the two men expressionlessly, observing their movements in case they suddenly woke up.

Then, she grabbed the piece of broken glass in her hand and began to grind the rope that bound her!

Again, again, again.

For some reason, this more subtle sound seemed to resonate with the sound of the door lock.

As for Eric, he was sleeping soundly, as if he knew that nothing would happen to him tonight.

Wen Jing was grinding the rope while looking at Eric speechlessly.

It seemed that sometimes, having a big heart was also a kind of happiness.

After all, the ignorant were fearless.

At this moment, with a clatter, the rope in Wen Jings hand broke and fell to the floor, making a soft sound.

At the same time, the door handle suddenly moved.

In the next moment, the door slowly opened a crack!

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