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Gu Yan turned around and hugged Lu Ye, leaning her face against his solid chest.

“Ah Ye, youve spoiled me so much.”

“Oh, thats good.

In that case, youll always be mine.”

Such a good wife, often not by his side, how could Lu Ye be at ease

Only God knew how hard it was for Lu Ye to complete the mission without any distractions.

The human heart was made of flesh and blood.

In this position, he would encounter danger at every moment.

He had to suppress his longing for his family and his lover.

This was Lu Yes choice.

He had never regretted it.

However, he would still Miss Yan Yan.

Gu Yan knew that even if he had to live a new life, Lu Ye would still choose to be a black star trooper and fight on the frontlines.

Gu Yan wouldnt want to tie Lu Ye to her side just because she loved Lu Ye.

Gu Yans love… was to work hard and stand by Yes side.

She closed her eyes, hugged Lu Yes warm body, and fell asleep.

This goal was about to be achieved.

In their dreams, the two of them hugged each other tightly.

Some of their feelings did not need to be expressed.

They had been together for thousands of years, more than a million words.

Tacit understanding.



Deep and true.


A night without dreams.

After the two of them woke up, they washed up and got ready to go.

Because Lu Ye had to carry out a mission, he retained his previous position, so today, he directly wore a uniform.

He had an extremely handsome face, coupled with his unruly personality and years of accumulation.

He was becoming more and more handsome.

When Gu Yan was helping Lu ye tidy up his uniform, she sighed, “My man is so handsome.”

“Of course, it doesnt matter who picked the target!”


After complimenting each other, Lu Ye kissed the corner of Gu Yans mouth and looked at her outfit today.

She was wearing a simple windbreaker, black pants, and high heels.

Her hair was a little long, almost reaching her shoulder.

A strand of hair on the right side of her ear was smoothed by Gu Yan.

“Lets go.”


This time, Lu Ye sat in the passenger seat while Gu Yan drove.

In the past two years, Gu Yan had not only gone through the training of a car warrior, but she had already mastered all kinds of basics.

However, she usually did not have many opportunities to drive, so she did not know how she would perform during the assessment.

However, Gu Yan was not nervous.

Vaguely, she was excited about the assessment that was coming soon, which she had been looking forward to for a long time.

Lu Ye was a little worried about Gu Yan, but when he turned his head, his wifes eyes were sparkling, and the corners of her mouth were raised high, her eyes shining brightly.

He suddenly felt a warmth in his heart, and the smile on his face was even more charming.

They didnt even need to say a word to communicate with each other.

They even felt a subtle tacit understanding.

This feeling… was really good.


When Gu Yan arrived at the special forces, she separated from Lu Ye, while she walked in another direction with Gongsun Yu and Guo Rou.

Gongsun Yu knew that Lu Ye had been transferred back, so he didnt say much.

Moreover, Gu Yan and Guo Rou were about to go on a mission.

This mission was life-threatening, so they couldnt be careless.

When they reached a small meeting room with real soldiers standing at the door, Gongsun Yu stopped and said to Gu Yan and Guo Rou behind him, “If the two of you regret it, this is your last chance.

Any mission regarding the snow wolf battalion, even if its just a test, is absolutely top secret.

Once you enter this door, you have no right to regret it.

Of course, when carrying out a mission, you have to act according to your ability.”

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