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“DNA testing is useless, too, Bai Weiyang.

You are too evil, selfish, and shameless to educate a good child! “You said that Zhang Lan wanted to take advantage of you.

Then, when you brought Xiao Sheng to the space pirates, didnt you also want to use him to strengthen your value and status in Lei Qings eyes




Bai Weiyang was speechless.

Because Gu Yan was right about every damn thing!

Seeing that Bai Weiyang had stopped talking.., gu Yan turned around and said to the judge, “Hello, Judge.

Bai Weiyang is my cousin.

She abandoned the child a few years ago and later tried to bring the child into the hands of the outlaws of the space pirates.

Therefore, our relatives all think that she is not a qualified mother.

Therefore, I have already applied for the adoption of the child.

Please take a look.”

With that, Gu Yan handed over some documents.

Guo Rou, who was sitting at the bottom, expressed her shock.

Was Gu Yan a prophet

Xiao Sheng turned to look at Gu Yan.

She realized that she was looking at her gently.

She suddenly understood.

Gu Yans mother must have expected him to come today.

She must have expected Bai Weiyang to say those words today and have that reaction.

That was why she took those adoption documents in advance.

Gu Yans mother… was so smart!

After the judge read the documents, he immediately understood that what Gu Yan said was the truth.

Although the court was disturbed, the verdict had already been passed.

There was no possibility of change.

What awaited Bai Weiyang was the death penalty.

Before Bai Weiyang was escorted out, she glared at Gu Yan.

“Gu Yan! Why are you always against me Why do you know so many things that Ive only just done Why do you have to go against me Why!”

Bai Weiyang roared hysterically.

Gu Yan lowered her eyes slightly, but did not speak.

What else could she say

Say that Bai Weiyang, I was killed by you in my previous life, so Im here for revenge

Theres no need.

Moreover, Gu Yan was not in the mood to let Bai Weiyang know about all this.

Everything ended just like that.

Bai Weiyangs sentence was the same as Gu Yans in her previous life.

However, Gu Yan was framed in his previous life, while Bai Weiyang deserved it in this life.

Did this count as her revenge

Gu Yan was a little silent.

Xiao Sheng held Gu Yans hand tightly and did not say a word.

He thought that Gu Yan was in a bad mood, so he did not make a fuss and behaved obediently.

Guo Rou could not hold it in anymore.

However, just as she was about to say something, que suddenly saw a travel-worn person approaching them.

“Yan Yan.”Lu Ye was very worried when he saw Gu Yans dazed look.

Hawk-eye happened to have some free time and needed to come over to hand in some information, so he hurried back.

It was not easy to find free time.

When he heard that Gu Yan had come to the court, he especially rushed over.

He also knew that Bai Weiyangs trial was today.

When Gu Yan heard Lu Yes voice, she slowly raised her head.

“Ah Ye, youre back.”

Lu Ye nodded and walked over with big strides.

He looked at Gu Yan with concern.

“Are you okay”

“Im fine.”Gu Yan smiled slightly.

She was actually very happy.

The tension of revenge that she had always felt relaxed at this moment.

Lu Ye reached out and held Gu Yans hand.

He found that her palm was a little moist, but warm.

During this period of time, Lu Ye had missed Gu Yan very much.

He had many things he wanted to talk to her about.

However, this was a public place now.

It was better to go home first.

“Yan Yan, lets go home first.”

“Okay.”Gu Yan nodded.

She turned around and said to Xiao Sheng, who was holding her hand with the other hand, “Xiao Sheng, you go back to Grandmas house with your Aunt Guo first.”

A trace of rejection flashed across Xiao Shengs eyes.

Lu Ye had just discovered this child.

Why was he so unhappy !

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