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“Master taught me that I cant run away from anything.”Xiao Shengs tender voice sounded softly.

Then, he looked at Guo Rou seriously and said, “Aunt Guo, dont worry about me.

Im really fine.”

The person who started speaking was also a little confused.

However, Gu Yan did not say a single word.

She gently squeezed Xiao Shengs little hand.

Liu Xingyuns intention was to let this child face everything rationally before she could carry on better

So, Liu Xingyun took this child as his disciple

What did he teach Xiao Sheng

At this moment, Xiao Sheng lowered her head and said in a low voice, “I just… want to know how bad she is…”

Xiao Sheng had no impression of Lei Qing, her biological father, nor did she have any thoughts about him.

However, Bai Weiyang was different.

Back then, when Bai Weiyang killed nanny sister Li, Xiao Sheng was beside her.

Obviously, Liu Xingyun told Xiao Sheng a lot about his background.

Of course, he also told him that the person who killed nanny sister Li was Lu Chongshengs biological mother.

Xiao Sheng still remembered how her master had lamented back then, “Some people only have her in their eyes.

“In order to achieve their own goals, she can sacrifice anyone.

“Xiao Sheng, dont become a selfish person like your mother in the future.

“If a person is heartless, callous, and selfish, in the end, she will lose herself completely.”

Actually, until now, Xiao Sheng still did not fully understand what her master had said.

However, he knew that it was time.

It was time to bid farewell to her biological mother, Bai Weiyang.

At this moment, the judge began the court session and the defendant, Bai Weiyang, was brought in.

Bai Weiyangs expression was very ugly.

She had exhausted all her methods, but she had not managed to fight for her life at all.

This made her very irritable.

She glanced indifferently and happened to see Gu Yan sitting in the crowd.

Bai Weiyangs eyes turned cold.

Then, in the next moment, she saw the little boy sitting next to Gu Yan!

That was her son!

If Gu Yan had not interfered in the beginning, she would have brought that child back to Lei Qing long ago.

Lei Qing would not have blamed her for not bringing the child back and made her become an actress to accompany those old men!

Bai Weiyangs fingernails dug into her palms.

It was Gu Yan again.

Why was it Gu Yan again!

How great would it be if Gu Yan did not exist in this world.

Gu Yans expression did not change as she watched Bai Weiyang look at her with hatred.

She knew that Bai Weiyang hated her very much.

Because she hated Bai Weiyang even more!

Everything that followed followed followed the procedure.

One witness after another appeared, and there were all kinds of irrefutable evidence… these were all gathered by Gu Yan over the past few years.

She had been waiting for this day for a long time.

How could she have failed at the last moment

The last witness to appear was Gu Moli.

Gu Moli was now married and a little fatter, but she looked at Bai Weiyang in confusion.

“No matter what, shes still your mother.

How could you do that!”Gu Moli cried.

Although Zhang Lan was not a good person.

But in Gu Molis eyes, she had always been a good mother.

If Zhang Lan had not died, Gu Moli would not have had to suffer so much and suffer so much.

She was so depressed that she almost broke down!

Therefore, when Gu Moli looked at her half-sister in front of her, her eyes were filled with hatred.

All these years, Gu Moli had actually hoped that Gu Yan was really her sister.


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