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“I wont quit.”Guo Rou sat there with her fists tightly clenched.

She gritted her teeth and said, “I wont quit!”

Gu Yan said calmly, “Failure is not scary.

Even if it was an official black star trooper, when they were on a mission, they would still fail and cause the death of their comrades.

After all, there was not only a good side to everything, but also a bad side.

Guo Rou, do you still remember Jiang Xiao”


“The things that Gongsun Yu told us before were actually very meaningful,”Gu Yan said seriously.

“Guo Rou, you can do it.”

There were some things that needed to be thought through before they could truly move on.

Guo Rou was silent for a moment before saying, “Leave me alone for a while.

I need to think about my life!”

“Ill head back to the Bai Family First.

Give me a call when youve made up your mind.”Gu Yan nodded very considerately.

She walked to the door, stopped, and said, “Oh right, Ive brought Xiao Sheng back.

Hell be staying at the Bai family from now on.

In addition, Ill visit Bai Leyao in the interstellar prison in a few days.”

Guo Rou: ! ! ! ! !

Holy Sh * t!

How could she have the mood to think about these two important pieces of news in one go! !

Guo Rou immediately stood up and said hurriedly, “Im going to see Xiao Sheng too.

Im going to see if this kid has forgotten me!”

Gu Yan shook her head with a helpless smile.

“Didnt you want to think about it”

“Whats there to think about If you continue to choose, then continue to do it! If I dont pass the assessment by then, then forget it.

At least Ive been working hard for so long.

I have to persevere, dont I”

A macho woman was always a macho woman.

Gu Yan saw that Guo Rou had returned to her usual expression, and she was finally relieved.

After all, a melancholic look was not suitable for Guo Rou.

Guo Rous injury did not matter.

She said that the wind would rain, so she immediately changed her clothes and said that she would go to the Bai familys house with Gu Yan.

However, when the two of them walked into the living room, the atmosphere in the living room was still very gloomy.

Guo Rou, who had been revived, walked into the living room and said to her parents in a loud voice, “Dad, Mom, what are you worried about My brother and my sister-in-law are willing to call home on Planet Yabake, so lets go to Planet Yabake.

In the future, if we want to travel to Planet Yabake, we still have a place to stay.

“In addition, after two years, Ill get you a son-in-law and let him knock on your door.

Wont that be like having another son”

Guo and Guo were speechless

Guo Jiang was speechless

Su Linna couldnt help but twitch her lips.

This sister-in-law of hers really had a unique style.

What if she suddenly felt sorry for her future brother-in-law

Guo and Guos expressions were complicated.

They werent angry, but they werent happy either.

In short, it was complicated.

Guo Jiang wished he could go over and raise his sister up high.

She was really his biological sister!

Su Linna looked at Gu Yan, and a smile flashed across the corners of her eyes.

She had guessed it.

Guo Rou was able to do this, to say this, or rather, she was willing to say this.

There must be a reason for Gu Yan to do this.

Su Linna thought in her heart, her good cousin really has good taste.

He found such a good wife.

After saying these very heroic words, Guo Rou said to her family, “I went to the Bai family to scrounge for food.”

Mother Guo really couldnt hold it in anymore.

“You Lass… are your injuries alright”

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