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“Its no trouble.

Were all one family.

Youre welcome,”Xie Luan said gently.

Thus, the matter of celebrating the new year together was settled.

After Gu Yans exam ended, she joined the army to purchase new year goods.

And on the 28th day of the lunar calendar, the Lu familys three people arrived.

As soon as Qin Lanzhi arrived, she immediately held Xie Luans hand affectionately and asked all sorts of questions.

Xie Luans relationship with Qin Lanzhi was actually quite ordinary.

However, for the sake of her two children, she spent most of the time patiently listening to Qin Lanzhis questions.

Qin Lanzhi pulled Xie Luan to the kitchen to wash the fruits.

Then, she whispered mysteriously, “Little Luan, youre not young this year, are you”

“Im-Im fine.”Xie Luan was a little confused.

She didnt know what her in-laws meant.

Qin Lanzhi looked around and was very careful.

Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, she said in a low voice, “In-laws, youre already so old.

Dont you want to have a grandson or something”

”… My Changle isnt married yet.”Xie Luan somewhat understood what Qin Lanzhi meant, but she deliberately interrupted.

Qin Lanzhi was stunned, but she wasnt discouraged.

She patiently said, “Its okay.

If you dont have a grandson, you can have a grandson first.”

This time, Xie Luan didnt pretend to be confused.

She smiled and said, “Oh, you said its Xiao Yan and Ah Ye.

Both children are very creative people, so Im not worried about them.

When its time to have children, they will definitely want them.”

“I also know that both of them are very creative.

However, they are still too young and dont know anything.

Its better to have this child earlier.

Its good for the child and for the adults…”

Blah, blah, blah.

Qin Lanzhi talked endlessly.

In short, she listed 100,000 reasons and asked Xie Luan to help with the birth.

Even though Xie Luan was a very patient person, after listening to it for nearly an hour, she couldnt take it anymore.

Gu Yan had long seen Qin Lanzhi drag her mother, Xie Luan, into the kitchen.

She said to Lu Ye who was beside her, “Ah Ye, your mother is probably trying to save the country.”

Lu Ye immediately understood.

He frowned.

“Why do I feel that mother-in-law cant hold on any longer Why dont I go over and Talk About My Mother”

“No need.

I think my mother can hold on for another ten rounds.

In any case, my mother will definitely not agree in the end, and she wont urge us to have a child.

So, lets let the two mothers get in touch.

Maybe they can even give my mother some inspiration for writing novels,”Gu Yan said very calmly.

As for Xie Luan, she had written many stories.

There was even a book that mainly talked about the story between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Not to mention, Xie Luan was very lenient towards her children.

In the past, she did not force them into marriage, and now, she would not urge them to give birth.

Gu Yan suddenly remembered that her mother, who was very avant-garde, had once told Bai changle that he could find a male partner in the future.

That was why… Gu Yan believed that Qin Lanzhis few words could not persuade her mother.

It was bustling downstairs.

In the quiet study upstairs, two old men were playing chess.

“It doesnt make sense! How did I lose again !”Lu Wenbin, who had lost the eighth game, glared at them again.

Bai Qifeng was very calm.

He raised the corners of his eyes.

“Isnt it normal for you to lose”

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