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Next, it was time for the deposition.

Meanwhile, in another meeting room, the interrogation of Bai Changle had also come to an end.

The main question was to ask him when he had found out that Gu Yan was his biological sister.

Bai Changle also told the truth.

After all, he had his temperament.

Moreover, he did not think that telling the truth was bad.

However, after he finished speaking, bai changle angrily said, “Lin Haoran is too sinister and shameless.

Previously, he was like glue with Weiyang, but now that he sees that Xiao Yan is my younger sister, he plans to make a move on Xiao Yan!”

The juror asked, “You mean to say that Lin Haoran values the power of the Bai Family If thats the case, then he shouldnt have made a move on you, right”

Bai Changles originally Sunny Face revealed a hint of ridicule.

“Perhaps he never intended for me to live.

If thats the case, even if he dies without any evidence, it wont affect him from continuing to cling onto the Bai family, right”

Bai Changle wasnt stupid.

He was just a little careless before, and because his living environment was too smooth, he didnt feel so gloomy.

However, Lin Haorans actions this time really made him feel disgusted.

After that, they asked Bai changle some more questions.

They were all done according to normal procedures, and some of the missions in the outer planets were also encrypted.

The grand judge and Commander Hans questioning of Gu Yan also came to an end.

The grand judge and Commander Han both had a good evaluation of Gu Yan.

This girl answered every question in a very orderly manner.

She was calm and composed.

It was not easy for her to have such an aura at such a young age.

It was not surprising that Lu ye protected her as if he was protecting his eyeballs.

The Bai family must have treasured her very much.

The child of a long-lost child who had been wandering outside for so long actually did not grow crooked and even became so outstanding.

Therefore, when the training ended, commander Hans expression became much gentler.

His tone was more like that of an elder.

“I heard that your special training had just ended and took up your rest time.

However, it was just a routine inquiry, so you dont have to be too nervous.”

“Im not nervous.

After all, these are the facts.

Everything I said before has evidence, and Im not making things up.”Gu Yan thought for a moment, then, she raised her head and said to them, “So, do you think that Lin Jiangdong did everything and Lin Haoran was just an accomplice”

To be honest, no one really believed in this matter.

However, sometimes, the law still needed to speak from evidence.

The chief justice said seriously, “We have to look at the evidence for these things.

However, some of the evidence that we collected before showed that Lin Jiangdong did have the possibility of being the mastermind.”

“Although we cant rule out the possibility that Lin Jiangdong is the mastermind, Lin Haorans motive is a little higher than his.

“From the perspective of probability, if these things are connected, the person who will benefit the most in the end will be Lin Haoran,”Gu Yan analyzed calmly.

She didnt know the specific evidence.

However, she couldnt let Lin Haoran throw the blame so easily.

The chief judge fell into deep thought.

At this moment, commander Han said doubtfully, “Then is it possible that Lin Jiangdong did all these things for his son”

Gu Yan raised her eyes slightly, her gaze sharp.

For some reason, commander Han subconsciously explained, “You can rest assured that my position is very neutral.”

Otherwise, the great commander would not have asked him to follow up on Lin Haorans case.

Gu Yan pursed her lips and said casually, “If Lin Jiangdong really loves his son to such an extent, then he will take the blame for his son.”

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