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“I am.”Gu Yan nodded.

“I can provide the results of the paternity test between myself and Commander Bai Jianjun, Xie Luans blood type.

This result was also notarized by someone.

Its absolutely true.”

“Then, when did you know the truth of the matter From whom”

As expected of the Chief Justice.

His question was very sharp.

Lu Ye frowned slightly.

Although he didnt say anything, his hand gently held Gu Yans hand.

Suddenly, it felt warmer.

There were some things, although every time he recalled them, it would make him feel uncomfortable.

But Gu Yan knew that those painful past were all things from her past life.

The current her was already invincible.

More importantly, she already had Lu Ye!

Gu Yan said softly, “I found out from my adoptive mother.

Previously, I overheard my adoptive mother arguing with my adoptive father.

They told me that I was actually brought here from the main star.

Later on, I found out the whole truth.”

The chief judge asked, “What about your adoptive mother”

Gu Yans mouth twitched and her expression was a little indifferent.

“She died.”

Gu Yan added, “She was pushed down the stairs by her own biological daughter, Zhang Weiyang.

In the end, she was sent to the hospital and died suddenly.”

The hospital had a foundation for all these things and everything was the truth.

The chief judge immediately sent people to the hospital to collect evidence.

Commander Han nodded at the side and said, “Its about the wedding.

I also… attended it.”

After all, it was Lin Haorans wedding, so commander Han sighed when he said this.

The chief justice nodded.

He then asked, “When did your brother, Bai Changle, know the truth”

“He only found out on the eve of the wedding.

“After all, the paternity test is very difficult.

I need time to show them the results of the paternity test.

After all, this is the most convincing evidence.

At that time, my brother was very excited.

He said that he couldnt let Zhang Weiyang marry him as the Bai familys daughter, but I stopped him at that time.”

“Because…”Gu Yans eyes flashed with a hint of ridicule, “Zhang Weiyang loves Lin Haoran wholeheartedly.

The two of them are quite compatible.

“I dont want to marry someone with such a bad character like Lin Haoran!”! “He claims that he likes me, but Ive only met him three times in total.

How could I like someone who doesnt know anything about him “Furthermore, before Lin Haoran and Zhang Weiyang got married, they went overboard in the bathroom of the movie theater and were even seen by a group of lesbians.

“No one would believe a man with such a moral character to say that he has deep feelings for me, right”

The Chief Judge was stunned.

It had to be said that Lin Haoran had paid too much attention to his image in the past.

Before the incident, there was no stain at all.

However, in this era, if you did something too intimate in public, although it was not against the law, it was also an eyesore.

Although lovers and lovers were prone to emotional impulses, they could not be so lustful and polite.

But you should at least not let others see it.

This was a matter of social morals and morals!

Seeing their reactions, Gu Yan changed the topic and said, “In addition, Lin Haorans feelings for Zhang Weiyang are very sincere.

I think that many people from the special forcesnoble district can bear this witness, right”

Previously, in order to let the public think that he and Zhang Weiyang had a very good relationship, in front of everyone, Lin Haoran had always been gentle and considerate towards Zhang Weiyang.

He finally lifted a rock and smashed his own foot!

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