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The two female students looked at Xu Lingling, who was yawning and hesitating.

“What are these people doing in the middle of the night Although theres the smell of smoke, its not much.”

“Forget it, lets wait for a while.

If the smoke becomes too big, we can go out again.”Xu Lingling still didnt think that anything would happen in the special forces base.

If it was really a fire, the alarm would have sounded long ago.

Moreover, there were so many officers and soldiers of the special forces, as well as teachers.

Therefore, she was very concerned about her two friends and went back to sleep.

What Xu Lingling did not know was that in just a few short hours, not a single soldier in the entire base had disappeared!

Along with these soldiers, there were also the teachers of the Empires first Academy!

However, Gu Yan knew all of this!

She ran to the dormitories of several teachers in one go, only to discover that they were all empty!

Furthermore, even the soldiers on sentry duty had disappeared.

Actually, at this moment, Gu Yan already knew what was going on.

However, the smoke was getting thicker and thicker.

There was indeed a feeling that something was burning.

In other words, this act was very realistic.

If not handled properly, there might really be people who would get injured!

After all, it wasnt a joke to be knocked out by the smoke!

Furthermore, the Panic of the crowd might cause a stampede!

This was the scariest part.

“Gu Yan!”On the other side, Guo Rou, who was also fully armed and holding a mask that could isolate the smoke, ran over from another direction.

She knew that Guo Rou was alert, so she must have been alerted long ago.

When the two of them met, they immediately exchanged information.

It turned out that Guo Rou was also looking for the teacher.

“What The teacher is gone The instructors are gone too”

“Yes, so I think this is a highly simulated exercise, but it also has a certain level of danger.

Many people havent gotten up yet, and only a few people have gotten up.

When most people get up, two dangerous situations will occur.

“First, the crowd will be chaotic and panic-stricken, and there will be stampedes! “Second, there will be some people who dont react in time and may be choked by the thick smoke!”

“The worst case scenario might be Death!”!

Guo Rou immediately nodded and said calmly, “Then what we need to do now is to think of a way to make everyone retreat in an orderly manner!”

“Yes!”! “I remember that this base has a broadcasting room.

Ill go to the broadcasting room to make a broadcast.

Then, you go to the entrance of the road and find a few reliable people to order everyone to evacuate on the open space at the entrance!”! “Remember, if there are too many people and its too chaotic, you must pay attention to your own safety first!”

“Thats fine.

If anyone dares to offend me or disobey me, Ill directly beat them up!”Guo Rou replied in a very wicked manner.

However, she looked at the thick smoke not far away with worry.

She frowned.

“If I remember correctly, the place with the thickest smoke… is the broadcasting room!”

Gu Yan naturally also noticed this situation.

However, now that they were awakened, more and more students began to panic.

Time was running out!

Gu Yan gritted her teeth and said, “No matter what, I have to give it a try! After all, there are so many students.

Using the broadcast to inform them is the fastest.

It can also allow the class presidents to coordinate and manage the evacuation of everyone!”

“Then this mask is for you! It can resist the thick smoke for a while!”

“No need! Guo Rou, listen to me.

The evacuation of the students may take a long time in the thick fog.

Dont try to give in to me!”

Seeing Gu Yan say this, Guo Rou knew that it would be a waste of time to continue talking.

She nodded hard and said, “Then you must also pay attention to your safety!”

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