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If he hadnt known all along, his eldest brother would actually have a straightforward personality.

Bai Jianxun almost thought that his eldest brother had become a sinister and black-bellied person!

In the end, he watched the car with eager eyes as it carried the family of three away.

But he could only resign himself to his fate and go to the market to buy vegetables.

But before he went to buy vegetables, Bai Jianxun thought of a way to call home and report the progress of this matter to the old man.

He said with great difficulty, “Dad, theres nothing I can do.

Changle wants to go to Xiao Yans place.

Its three to one.

I Cant force it.

“Mm, so I plan to go with them.

I plan to play the family card and stay with them for a period of time.

Alright, Dad, I wont say anymore.

Im going to buy groceries.”

After hanging up the phone and thanking the old man, Bai Jianxun could only resign himself to his fate and go buy groceries.

On the other side, elder Bai sat on the sofa and looked at the phone that had been hung up on in confusion.

In the next moment, elder Bai finally understood what Bai Jianxun meant by playing the family card.

It seemed that they were cooking together to celebrate Changles discharge from the hospital.

Elder Bai looked at the empty room and made a decision in an instant.

He immediately picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Bai Jianjun and his family had already arrived at Gu Yans residence.

Changles movements were still a little inconvenient, so as soon as he entered the house, he curled up on the sofa.

Xie Luan helped him tidy up his clothes and other things and placed them in the room where she lived.

Then, she took some of Changles clothes to be washed.

Bai changle was not very familiar with the Gu Yan residence.

He looked around and felt that it was very fresh.

Although it was not very big, this small family was decorated very warmly by Xie Luan and Gu Yan.

Even though it was a small sparrow, it had all the five internal organs.

Bai Changle turned his head and was a little surprised to find that his father was actually very familiar with the table next to him and was starting to process the documents.

The wooden table had all the dishes put away and was covered with a simple and elegant tablecloth.

It looked very comfortable.

Bai changle realized that his fathers attitude was familiar, even though he had been here often.

He was about to say something to tease his father.

After all, his fathers recent state had made Bai changle more daring.

If this had happened in the past, he definitely wouldnt have had the courage to do this.

But before Bai Changle could say anything, a white object suddenly pounced at him.

Out of reflex, Bai Changle stretched out his leg, wanting to kick it.

He had forgotten that his leg was injured, so the moment he moved, he pulled on the wound.

It hurt so much that he grimaced in pain.

In this gap, the white ball had already rushed into Bai Changles arms.

Bai changle touched the soft fur and only then did he react.

He was slightly surprised.

“Meow!”Xiaoai stared at the human in annoyance.

Dont you know how to smooth my fur

Bai Changle did not GET Xiaoais point.

He did not smooth Xiaoais fur.

Instead, he grabbed the kittens two front paws and was very excited.

“Hey, its really a cat!”

Bai Changle was really happy.

He was originally a sunny and handsome face.

When he was happy, his smile was very bright and a little dazzling.

Many children wanted to raise some small animals when they were young.

But because of one reason or another, they were not raised.

Ever since Bai Changle was young, the atmosphere in his home had become tense and serious.

He had wanted to raise a puppy, but he had not been able to do so.

Now that he finally had a kitten, he was immediately as happy as a child.

Then, he began to stroke, RUB, and scratch.

Bai Changle finally angered Xiaoai.

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