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He couldnt even protect himself now.

He didnt care about the others in the first place.

It was just that he still had some regrets and doubts in his heart.

Why did he, Lin Haoran, actually come to this point

If he hadnt met that person, he wouldnt have taken the risk and wanted to get the chance to join the Snow Wolf Troop, right

In the next moment, he opened his eyes, and an obscure light flashed through them.

Lin Haorans originally indifferent expression suddenly distorted.

Only at this moment did he understand.

He had been used by someone!

That person had bewitched him!

In reality, that persons goal should be to kill Bai Changle!

Did that person have a grudge against Bai Changle Or did he have a grudge against the Bai Family

Lin Haorans heart was pounding.

… And now, Bai Changle was still alive and kicking.

He, Lin Haoran, had become a prisoner!

Lin Haoran tightly clutched the book, and the book was forcefully crushed by him.

He, Lin Haoran, had been cautious and prudent for so many years.

He had even used many people, but he had never thought that there would be a day when he would be used to such an extent.

“Hahahaha.”Lin Haoran suddenly laughed.

His smile was very wild.

It gave a shock to those who were standing outside and looking at him.

Only Lin Haoran himself knew how bleak his smile was.

As the day of judgment for Lin Haoran slowly approached, time passed day by day.

Zhang Weiyang still did not see her husband, Lin Haoran.

She was getting thinner and thinner day by day.

But her belly was getting bigger and bigger day by day.

Comparing the two, coupled with her increasingly ugly face.

The child could no longer be aborted.

If she continued to beat him, her own life would be in danger.

As for Lin Haorans matter… there was still no answer.

However, Zhang Weiyang still did not give up on the idea of asking the Bai family to help.

After selling herself to Bai Mengchen, she finally managed to persuade Bai Mengchen to help her return to the Bai family and persuade Old Master Bai.

Zhang Weiyang had previously boasted that she knew many people and had a wide network.

However, now that Lin Haoran was in trouble, the only people she could ask for help were the Bai family.

Zhang Weiyangs hatred for Gu Yan was expanding endlessly.

In her opinion, if Gu Yan had not snatched her identity back, the Bai family would definitely not have remained indifferent when something happened to haoran.

Unfortunately, she no longer had the energy to deal with Gu Yan.

However, this did not mean that she would let that B * Tch Off!

The main reason why Bai Mengchen was persuaded by Zhang Weiyang was because she saw that Weiyangs feelings for Lin Haoran were real.

Moreover, it seemed like the her from back then..

No, to be exact, it didnt seem like her.

What was similar was that the current Weiyang was also crazy about love.

In order to help Lin Haoran, she had really given up a lot.

What didnt seem like her was..

Bai Mengchen, who had returned to the noble district once again, sighed.

When she first fell in love with him, she didnt know that they were related by blood.

After the truth was revealed, she chose to endure and give up.

However, he was very persistent and did such crazy things.

Up until now, Bai Mengchen still felt resentful towards elder Bai.

However, at the same time, she was afraid and compromised.

She couldnt let go of her secular views.

However, at the same time, she felt a lot of guilt and guilt towards him.

As well as a feeling that could no longer be placed in front of the secular world and was destined to be sealed away for the rest of her life.

Therefore, Bai Mengchen chose not to get married for the rest of her life.

She didnt know if it was a choice to punish herself or if the previous relationship had become a permanent thorn in her heart.

Just as Bai Mengchen and Zhang Weiyang entered the Bai family residence, Xie Luan and Bai Jianjun appeared at the entrance of the noble district.

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