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“The toilet doesnt belong to your house.

I can use it as long as I want.

Who Do you think you are” Song Yaqins voice was full of energy.

Her singing voice was especially sharp at this moment, making people feel very uncomfortable.

A middle-aged woman and a five or six-year-old girl stood at the entrance of the toilet with an awkward expression, “Comrade, you… youve been using for more than half an hour.

Can you come out first My Daughter is in a hurry to go to the bathroom…” It turned out that song Yaqin had been staying in the bathroom the whole time and did not come out.

The mother and daughter waited for a long time before they finally could not hold it in anymore and knocked on the door.

The scene just now also happened.

Gu Yan raised his eyebrows.

He did not expect that song Yaqin would also take this train.

It was really fate.

The green-skinned trains of this era made clanging sounds.

The middle-aged woman and her daughter stood there unsteadily.

The middle-aged woman kept telling her daughter to hold it in and not pee in her pants.

The little girl was already young.

She was already very sensible to be able to hold it in for so long.

Just then, a conductor walked over.

Gu Yan immediately shouted to the conductor, “Comrade, theres a female comrade in the toilet.

Shes been in there for a long time.

I suspect that shes going to commit suicide.

Hurry up and open the toilet door.” “Is that so”The conductors expression changed.

He immediately walked forward, knocked on the toilet door, and began to ask.

Song Yaqin, who was in the toilet, heard Gu Yans voice and did not react for a moment.

Then, when she heard the conductors inquiry, she immediately said in a sharp voice, “What are you doing Im not going to commit suicide!” The train attendant was in a bit of a dilemma.

Gu Yan said calmly, “This comrade has been in the toilet for more than half an hour.

Previously, because of some news reported in the newspaper, she lost her mental balance.

and listen to her voice, she has lost her mind! “Its very dangerous to continue like this.

If we dont open the door, Im afraid it will cause a worse result!” If something happened to the passengers on the train..

The female train attendants expression immediately changed.

She took out her keys and directly opened the door of the toilet.

Song Yaqin stood there with a dumbfounded expression.

She was still holding a comb in her hand, and her makeup bag was hanging next to her.

Gu Yan narrowed his eyes.

They had been together for so long, so she was applying makeup in the bathroom.

The sink faucet beside her was broken, and there was no mirror, so song Yaqin had been putting on makeup in the bathroom She didnt mind the stench! Even if the bathroom was very clean, this person had been occupying the bathroom and not letting anyone use it.

It was really weird.

“Gu Yan, why are you here!”Song Yaqin had always disliked Gu Yan, and at this moment, her eyes turned red.

She pounced on Gu Yan.

However, between Gu Yan and song Yaqin, there was still the female flight attendant.

Therefore, when the female flight attendant saw that the passenger had lost control of her emotions, she immediately believed what Gu Yan had just said.

Therefore, she stopped song Yaqin without even thinking.

Gu Yan was not afraid of Song Yaqin.

If it was a one-on-one fight, she could easily defeat song Yaqin.

Therefore, when Song Yaqin was brandishing her claws, Gu Yan turned his head and said to the frightened mother and daughter, “Let the child go to the toilet.

Oh, take out the makeup bag for the female comrade first.” “Yes, yes.”The middle-aged woman immediately thanked Gu Yan and took out song Yaqins makeup bag.

She hung it on the doorknob outside.

Then, she took her daughter into the bathroom and closed the door.

On the other side, Song Yaqin was really mad.

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