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Chapter 646: Lin Haoran Is Not Coming Home

To be honest, Gu Yan really wanted to go and watch Bai Weiyangs twisted face and stepp on it again.

It felt good just thinking about it.

However, now that Bai Weiyang announced that she was recuperating at home, Bai Mengchen was probably going to the Lin family to look for her.

Gu Yan and the others wish to watch would definitely be disappointed.

This was also within everyones expectations.

As expected, Bai Mengchen arrived at the Lin family home during the afternoon break the next day.


Lin was very polite to Bai Mengchen.

Of course, this was also because Bai Weiyang had been very good at being a person during this period of time and had even given Mrs.

Lin a pearl bracelet.

Bai Mengchen did not have much to chat with Mrs.

Lin, so she went straight upstairs to Bai Weiyangs room.

Bai Weiyang was sitting in her room, leaning against the bed.

Her complexion was much better, and it could be seen that she was doing quite well in the Lin family.

Bai Weiyang was a smart person, and as for the Lin family… At least madam Lin and Lin Xiaoyu were easier to fool.

If there was a flaw, it was probably that Lin Haoran had been living in the special training force and hadnt come home.

Although Lin Haoran told his family that he was busy with work, Bai Weiyang did not believe him.

She knew that Lin Haoran did not want to see her.

This realization made Bai Weiyang very uncomfortable.

She looked at the empty wedding room.

Everything in it had been personally prepared by her.

Now, it seemed that the life after marriage was completely different from what she had imagined!


It was at this moment that Bai Mengchen entered.

She saw Bai Weiyang, who was usually very proud and calm, sitting by the bed and gently stroking the pillow towel.

Her eyes were red.

Bai Mengchen was stunned.

So Weiyang wasnt that happy in the Lin Family

The sound of her footsteps startled Bai Weiyang.

Bai Weiyang raised her head.

When she saw that it was her, the sadness on her face immediately disappeared.

A hint of joy appeared on her face.

“Mom, why are you here”

If it was just a moment ago, Bai Mengchen really felt a little sorry for this child that she had grown up with.

However, in the next moment, when she heard Bai Weiyang call her mom without hesitation, Bai Mengchens heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Weiyang clearly knew that she was not her mother, but she still called her so affectionately.

So, even though she knew that Xie Luan was not her mother, she still called Xie Luans mother sweetly and affectionately

Bai Mengchen suddenly realized that she really did not understand this child that she had grown up with.

However, Bai Weiyang had already walked over and held her hand affectionately as she said, “Mom, did you come to see me because you missed me Im fine now, and my body is much better.

Oh, right, grandpa.

Oh, no, is grandpa still angry If his anger has subsided a little, Ill go home and visit him.

Ive been worried that hell be angry at me.”

She was still as obedient and peaceful as ever.

Bai Mengchen came back to her senses.

Her heart was complicated as she said, “Weiyang, my dad is still angry.”

“Oh…” The smile on Bai Weiyangs face disappeared, and she felt very uncomfortable.

“I didnt want it to be like this either.

Its all Gu Yans fault.

Why did she have to choose that day to say it ! How are our relatives and friends going to view us Sigh!”

She was directly pushing the blame onto Gu Yan.

You want to tell the truth Fine, but why did you have to choose the wedding day

There were many relatives and friends of the Bai family that day.

There were even officers present!

Therefore, Bai Weiyangs idea was to make everyone think that Gu Yan was too scheming and had ulterior motives!

Bai Mengchen did not refute this point and even agreed with it.

She stood on the side of the Bai family and also felt that Gu Yan should not have chosen that day to reveal the truth.

Since you already knew the truth, why didnt you say it earlier

However, Bai Mengchen had forgotten that even if Gu Yan had said it earlier, what use would it be Would she, Bai Mengchen, open her heart and properly accept this niece

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