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Chapter 627: Bai Qifeng That Old Bastard

Xie Luan did not know that there was a car following behind their car, and the people following them in the car were her father-in-law and brother-in-law.

She was telling Bai Changle about Gu Yans marriage.

“Changle, Ive been thinking.

The Lu family is very prestigious, and Qin Lanzhi is someone who values family background very much.

Although I know that our Xiao Yan is good in every way, Im just worried that shell suffer a loss if she marries over.

Ive saved up some royalties for my book over the years, about a few thousand star dollars.

I want to use it as a dowry for Xiaoyan.

Changle, you dont have any objections to this, right”

Xie Luans intention was to use all of her royalties as a dowry for Gu Yan.

Gu Yan had made up his mind not to return to the Bai family.

Besides, Gu Yan would definitely not want the other money from the Bai family.

Besides, although Changle was not married yet, he was different.

When Changle got married, Old Master Bai and Bai Jianjun would definitely not do nothing.

Because they were biological sons, Xie Luan wanted to make it clear that she was not biased towards anyone.

She only felt more heartache for her daughter who had suffered for so many years.

Bai Changle had always been especially good to his biological sister, Gu Yan.

When he heard it, he immediately said, “Its only a few thousand yuan, how is that enough Mom, Ive saved up all these years allowance, and its already a few thousand yuan.

When the time comes, well give it to Xiao Yan together!”

Xie Luan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“How can the brother give the younger sister dowry money”

“Anyway, when I get married in the future, my grandfather and my father wont just stand by and watch.

So with this money, its just right for Xiao Yan to keep up appearances.” After Bai Changle said this, a touch of sadness appeared on his usually smiling face, he sighed and said, “Sigh, mom, I really like my younger sister, Xiao Yan.

Tell me, if she hadnt been swapped out since she was young and was instead always in our family growing up with me, how good would it be”

Xie Luan could not help but sigh faintly when she heard her sons words.

Yes, if that was the case, how good would it be.

The jeep drove for about half an hour before they finally arrived at the restaurant that they had agreed to eat at previously.

Xie Luans body had really improved a lot during this period of time.

The ill look on her face had dissipated quite a lot.

The treatment that Gu Yan had given her previously was the main reason.

However, there was another reason as well.

When a person was in high spirits during a happy occasion, they would find their daughter.

Moreover, now that their daughter was about to get married, Xie Luan was both happy and a little reluctant.

She did not know the truth before.

When Bai Weiyang was about to marry Lin Haoran, Xie Luan could not feel the slightest bit of excitement and reluctance.

She had never been close to that child Weiyang.

Moreover, she did not like the little tricks that Weiyang used behind the scenes.

Later on, Bai Weiyangs marriage was all done by Bai Mengchen.

Now that Bai Weiyang had become Bai Mengchens daughter, somehow, it matched the feelings between them.

It could be considered as a mother preparing a dowry for her daughter.

Of course, it was unknown whether the relationship between Bai Mengchen and Bai Weiyang was still as good as before.

Only the people involed knew about the relationship between them.

Gu Yan and a few members of the Lu family had arrived at the restaurant and were chatting in the private room.

On the Lu familys side, although they had come all the way here and had only rested for one night, everyone was in good condition.

Especially Old Master Lu.

Although he was old, he had been a soldier in the war when he was young, so his body was very good.

His eyes were bright, and there was no sign of age.

When Xie Luan and Bai Changle arrived, Old Master Lu was asking Gu Yan.

“Girl Yan, are you sure you dont want to talk to that old bastard Bai Qifeng Are you not going back to the Bai Family”

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