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Chapter 612: My Wife Is A Feast For The Eyes

Captain Lu had always been thick-skinned.

At this time, he was very satisfied with his meal.

He was full of smiles, and the pride and satisfaction between his brows were about to flow out.

After eating his fill, captain Lu only had one thought in his mind.

That was, whatever his wife said was right.

His wife could do whatever she wanted.

Reality proved that once a man turned on that amazing switch, it was as if he had opened the door to a new world.

This was different from every time he struggled to survive on his own.

In fact, when compared, he was even more unwilling to return to the days before liberation.

Gu Yan ate a few mouthfuls of food and raised her head.

She saw that Lu Ye was not eating and was looking at her with bright eyes.

She was speechless and kicked Lu Ye.

“Hurry up and eat.

What are you looking at me for!”

“My wife is so beautiful.” Captain Lu had always been smooth.

Now that they were married, the two of them had become a real husband and wife.

They were even more intimate.

Naturally, the quality and quantity of the love talk was also on the rise.

It continued to escalate.

He said, “Why is my wife so beautiful”

Lu Ye was telling the truth.

Gu Yans appearance was always so passionate and beautiful that people couldnt take their eyes off her.

In addition, the two of them were already husband and wife.

This made Gu Yan look even more charming.

Gu Yan was very speechless.

As she ate, she said, “You honey-mouthed b * stard! Hurry up and think of a way.

Not only is the wedding dress wrinkled, but it was also torn by you.

You have to know that this wedding dress is one of a kind.

It was designed by Xie Yuges grandmother!”

If they guessed correctly, Xie Yuges grandmother was Gu Yans grandmother.

Captain Lu, who was glared at by his wife, immediately promised, “No problem.

I will definitely fix the wedding dress before our wedding!”

He had to restore the wedding dress he tore even if he had to kneel!

After all, the wedding had not been held yet.

Lu Ye had not started to apply for his leave of absence.

He had taken quite a lot of leave recently, so after he apologized to Gu Yan and went back to work.

Although Gu Yan felt weak all over, she still cleaned up the dishes and took them to the canteen to wash.

When she returned to the dormitory, she found that Lu Ye had returned with a few pieces of paper.

On them were some information about housing transactions.

“Yan Yan, Ill get someone to investigate the source of the houses.

Take a look at these houses.

Theyre all near the Empires First Academy.

If you like them, well go take a look in the next two days and then well decide on the house.”


While Gu Yan and Lu Ye were happily choosing the houses, Bai Weiyang had already returned to the Lin family.

Although Bai Mengchen really wanted Bai Weiyang to return to the Bai family, the old master had not relented.

Furthermore, Bai Weiyang really wanted to return to the Lin family.

She said to Bai Mengchen, “Mom, Im already married to Haoran, so Im part of the Lin family.

If I dont go back to the Lin family, people will gossip even more.”

Bai Mengchens expression was a little complicated when she heard her call her mom.

Bai Mengchens feelings for Bai Weiyang had already become very subtle, so after she heard these few words, she did not say anything else.

After she sent Bai Weiyang to the Lin family, she said that she had something to do and left.

Madam Lin and Lin Xiaoyu went to the hospital to fetch Bai Weiyang back.

The final investigation on Zhang Lans matter had not been completed yet, because Weiyang was pregnant again, so it could be considered a temporary return home.

She would still have to be investigated in the future.

However, Bai Weiyang did not care about this matter.

What she cared about the most was Lin Haoran.

And the attitude of the Lin family towards her.

Initially, Madam Lin had quite a big opinion of Bai Weiyang.

However, now that she knew that Bai Weiyang was actually Bai Mengchens daughter, coupled with the fact that Bai Weiyang was pregnant, Madam Lins attitude towards Bai Weiyang had changed greatly.

As for Lin Xiaoyu, she had always been a person without any opinion of her own.

After being tricked by Bai Weiyang, she became very close to Bai Weiyang again.

Bai Weiyang had never been worried about the attitude of the Lin family.

She knew that as long as she used a little bit of force, she could subdue them.

However… Lin Haoran had never appeared, which made Bai Weiyang feel a little flustered for no reason.

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