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Chapter 610: Ah Ye, I Love You

“Ah Ye, the dress…” Gu Yan tugged at the dress in front of her chest with one hand, worried that Lu Ye might step on it.

After all, the dress was very long.

Even though Lu Ye carried her up, half of it was on the ground as she only took off half.

It looked very romantic.

Lu Ye pretended to be angry and said, “Yan Yan, youre still paying attention to the dress at this time Youre not paying attention!”

After saying that, he didnt wait for Gu Yan to say anything.

He leaned into her ear and said while grinding his teeth, “Yan Yan, tell me, do you think I should punish you for being absent-minded at this time”

Men were very keen onpunishing the woman they liked.

Captain Lu was naturally not immune to it.

After all, he had been holding it in for so long…

Therefore, as he saidpunish, he carried her to the bed.

His fingertips shuttled through the white wedding dress, and his eyes became deeper and deeper, with an unquestionable sense of plunder.

He leaned over and kissed her red lips, announcing domineeringly, “Yan Yan, youre mine!”

The hot kiss came again in an instant, and he couldnt wait to conquer the city.

He had rehearsed this countless times before, and this time, he finally didnt have to give up halfway.

Gu Yan, who was infected by Lu Yes passion, slightly closed her eyes.

She put her hand on Lu Yes neck and slightly raised her body.

Lu Ye was encouraged by his wifes initiative.

He hugged Gu Yan and directly rolled onto the bed.

Passion was like fire, tenderness was like water, and deep affection was not a long-lived love.

This love that had been delayed for a lifetime caused the temperature in the room to continuously rise.

The wedding dress was in a mess, and no one cared.

There were night birds flying outside the window, making waves of cries.

No one cared anymore.

They hugged each other affectionately, taking each other into their own lives.

Gu Yans fingernails left marks on Lu Yes back.

Lu Yes lips decorated red plums on every part of Gu Yans snow-white skin.

Gu Yan felt like she was a small boat in the waves, constantly being tossed up and then falling down, creating countless waves.

Her eyes were blurred with sweat, and her breathing was like the waves, blurring her hearing.

It was only because she trusted this man so much that no matter what happened, no matter where she went, she had nothing to fear!

When the shyness, yearning, and even unbearable joy finally reached its peak, completely fusing together, Gu Yan opened her eyes slightly.

Her body was trembling with excitement.

Her eyes were dazed but filled with determination.

She looked at Lu Ye seriously.

Her voice was soft but also very serious.

“Ye, I love you.”

Lu Ye and Gu Yan pressed their foreheads against each other.

The waves of trembling made him gasp for breath, as if he was a fish standing on the shore.

His eyes were bright.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, with a wicked smile.

He said, “Wifey, the man has to be the first to confess.

How can you be the first to do it”

Lu Ye bit Gu Yans nose lightly as if he was punishing her.

He said, “So, I still have to punish you!”

Gu Yans heart skipped a beat.

In the next moment, she felt that little Lu Ye was actually full of fighting spirit together!

She was about to say something, but those excuses were instantly swallowed by Captain Lu.

Because captain Lu clearly wanted to play overtime!

Lu Ye fiercely kissed his wifes slightly swollen lips and said seriously, “Yan Yan, I love you too.”

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