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Li Haili quickly called Han Jiao to ask about this poor gal named Gu Yan.

Han Jiao thought about it carefully, “comrade Gu Yan is serious and thoughtful who never makes any mistakes, but shes not the most impressive.

How should I put this, she has no merits or demerits.

But from what Ive heard, shes working hard to learn academic knowledge as she is planning on going to military school.”

Li Haili was interested.

No merits or demerits.

From the looks of it, she was very mediocre at best.

But what if she purposely made herself like that

Then that would be a different story.

One definitely should not drag everything behind in the military.

But if one was too out there, it wasnt a good thing, either.

A person in a high position is more likely to be attacked, unless one has a strong background.

Once Li Haili told her subordinate about Lu Ye asking her for a favor, Han Jiao became shocked as well.

She asked in surprise, “Colonel, are you saying that the devils incarnate asked you to find a suitor for him Hes interested in comrade Gu Yan”

“Yup.” Li Haili thought, scare one, scare all, she successfully ensured that she wasnt the only one that felt messed up.

She felt a little better about herself, “Han Jiao, comrade Gu Yan is in your rank, what are your thoughts about this”

Obviously, Han Jiao had heard about Lu Yes reputation.

She frowned and thought, “Colonel, would the Lu Family in the south agree to him marrying a woman from here Although I dont know comrade Gu Yan all that well, from what I know, she is a village girl from a rather poor family, right now she is just an average volunteer soldier.

Even if she got into the military school in the future, shes still not a match to the Lu Family.”

“Lu Ye mentioned it and told me not to worry about that.

He just asked me to help him with that thing.”

During this era, very few had the freedom of romance, but if something like this happened to Lu Ye, then it was not at all surprising.

At first, everyone remembered how Lu Ye wanted to rescue his comrade-in-arms, he completely ignored his superiors commands and faced the danger alone.

After he rescued his comrade-in-arms and brought him back, the badly injured Lu Ye took the initiative and went to his superiors to plead guilty.

There was another time, when Lu Ye beat up a member of the Bai Family in the courtyard and sent them to the hospital.

If it werent because the way he acted was too stubborn, then right now his ranking would be much higher than a colonel.

Because Lu Ye was too impressive, he would still excel and go far in life even without the Lu Family background.

Just as they discussed, Zhang Cuihua, who was standing by the door and wanted to file a report, suddenly became very excited.

She didnt know who Lu Ye was, but hearing the words from the two leaders about hes the devil incarnate, that meant Colonel Lu must be super menacing and hideous, probably had a bad temper as well!

If someone like that was interested in Gu Yan…

Zhang Cuihua already took a few beatings from Gu Yan, right now, she was laughing secretly in her heart.

She decided not to file a report, instead, she quickly turned around and walked to her dorm.

The conversation in the office was coming to an end.

Eventually, Li Haili decided to let Han Jiao ask Gu Yans permission.

If that gal was not interested, then they would act like the mean old hags and reject Lu Yes requests.

After all, marrying into the Lu family wasnt going to be easy.

The girl is only eighteen and had no solid background, she would get bullied.

The girl was a soldier under their command, if they couldnt help her with other things, then the least they could do was protect her from this.

The protective Colonel Li and Platoon Leader Han decided to protect the poor little gal with nowhere else to turn to, Gu Yan.

But Han Jiao just so happened to have some errands to run, so she had to wait until a later time to find Gu Yan.

At this time, Zhang Cuihua already returned to her dorm room.

She saw Gu Yan was reading her book and remembered how a devilish colonel was interested in her.

Schadenfreude was written in the bottom of her eyes.

Rejecting that colonel Heh heh, then Gu Yan would offend a person she couldnt afford to offend.

Accepting that colonel Hahaha, then who knew what kind of Les Miserables story would be the rest of her life!

The more she thought about it, the happier she became.

So, the happy Zhang Cuihua eventually laughed out loud.


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