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Chapter 535: Were Getting Married

When Lu Ye called Gu Yan, Gu Yan was exercising and didnt get the call.

When Gu Yan came back, she heard that Lu Ye had called, so she quickly went to the communication room and called Lu Yes office.

But Gu Yan thought that Lu Ye might not be in the office at this time.

Sure enough, the phone rang seven or eight times, but no one picked up.

She had to put down the phone.

The people in the communication room all knew Gu Yan.

They joked, “Comrade Gu Yan, youre calling Captain Lu this late, right”

Gu Yan nodded with a big smile.

“Yes, he called me just now.

I went for a run and didnt get it.

Sigh, maybe its too late now.

Ill call him again tomorrow.”

“I dont think its too urgent.

If its too urgent, he will definitely call again.

Gu Yan, you and captain Lu are so close, when are you getting married”

“Its not decided yet.

Anyway, when we get married, we will definitely give you wedding candies.”

“Okay, well wait.”

Gu Yan smiled as she left the communication room.

It was already dark, and the stars were shining above her head.

She had just exercised, and she was covered in sweat.

It looked like she needed to take a shower before the lights went out.

“Hey, Comrade Gu Yan, go to the main entrance,” A female cosmic soldier said as she winked at Gu Yan.

“Someone is looking for you.”

“Who is looking for me Its so late already” Gu Yan was quite surprised.

At this time, the lights were going out, so who was looking for her so late.

However, the female cosmic soldier didnt say anything.

She covered her mouth with a smile that was filled with gossip.

Gu Yan had no choice but to walk toward the door in her sweat-soaked green pants and short-sleeved combat uniform.

Thankfully, it was summer now.

When the night wind blew, even though Gu Yan was drenched in sweat, she didnt feel cold.

On the contrary, she felt comfortable.

When Gu Yan reached the door, she immediately saw Lu Ye, who was standing straight like a pine tree.

His eyes were shining like stars.

When he saw Gu Yan, his eyes brightened even more.

“Yan Yan!” Lu Ye rushed over and grabbed Gu Yans hand.

The smile and excitement at the corner of his eyes could not be suppressed.

He said, “Yan Yan, our marriage application has been approved!”

“Really” Gu Yan was also very happy.

She then felt that Lu Yes palm was covered in sweat.

When she looked up again, she found that Lu Ye was covered in sweat.

His camouflage t-shirt was soaked in sweat.

Well, the two of them looked like they had just been fished out of the water.

Gu Yan looked at Lu Ye and could not help but ask, “Why are you covered in sweat”

“Because I ran here.” Lu Ye lowered his head and sniffed his body.

Then he asked nervously, “Yan Yan, do I smell sweaty”

“No, Im also covered in sweat.

I went to exercise just now.” Gu Yan thought for a moment, then pursed her lips and said, “You called me just now.

iI that what you wanted to talk about”

“Yes, but I heard from your comrade that you went for a run.

Then I thought it would be better to come and tell you directly.” Lu Ye suddenly stood up and reached out his hand to gently stroke Gu Yans cheek with his thumb.

His voice was gentle and affectionate, “Its because Im so happy.

Yan Yan, were going to get married!”

Gu Yan was also very excited.

She wanted to say that Lu Ye was really stupid.

She could have talked about it over the phone, but he actually came to tell her directly.

But she could not say the wordstupid.

Because Gu Yan knew how much Lu Ye wanted to marry her.

This stupid man.

She really could not help but love him.

Gu Yan raised her head.

Her eyes were originally filled with warmth, but in the next moment, her gaze fell on the bruise at the corner of Lu Yes mouth.

Her expression changed and she immediately asked, “Ah Ye, what happened to your face”

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