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Chapter 504: Zhang Lans private money

Actually, everyone had seen Zhang Lan.

After all, the door of the tricycle was open to the back.

Perhaps only the younger brother of the village chief who was driving the tricycle did not see it.

Gu Qiang looked at Zhang Lan jumping up and down, swearing, and was puzzled.

Gu Dagang, on the other hand, was a little numb.

He pinched the divorce certificate hard, as if he was enduring something.

Gu Yan looked at Zhang Lan, who had been abandoned by them, and said softly, “Zhang Lan has a secret stash of money at home.”

Gu Dagang raised his head curiously.

Gu Yan smiled, but did not say anything.

Because she knew that Zhang Lan would definitely come back later to get the secret stash of money.

But how could Gu Yan let her have it

So after two hours, Zhang Lan finally returned home after all sorts of twists and turns.

She directly ignored the silent Gu Dagang and the silly Gu Qiang and simply packed up her things, she directly dug out the shoe box that hid her private stash of money.

There was a total of more than a thousand star dollars in it, and there were also some valuable small items.

Usually, this box was hidden deep in the cabinet.

Even Gu Dagang did not know about it.

Zhang Lan was wondering why she did not see Gu Yan when she came back.

She opened the shoe box.

The next moment, she was stunned.

Because the box was empty.

There was not a single cent left.

That 1,000 yuan was her savings all these years! There was also a pair of bracelets.

That was her dowry!

Zhang Lan instantly went crazy.

She rummaged around, but this house was completely empty.

She didnt even find a single cent!

Zhang Lan rushed out like crazy.

When she saw that Gu Qiang was alone in the courtyard, she widened her eyes and shouted at Gu Qiang, “Wheres your father”

“Mountain Col… Mountain col…”

“What is this damn man doing at the mountain Col!” Zhang Lans face was ferocious.

She suddenly pushed Gu Qiang in front of her and ran out.

She was full of anger now.

Gu Dagang actually dared to take her money!

How dare he!

Zhang Lan ran all the way to the col.

It was already five or six oclock.

The summer days were very long.

At this time, the sun was slowly setting towards the west mountain.

The setting sun coated the grass and trees in the col with a layer of golden light.

It looked quite nice.

However, Zhang Lan was not in the mood to enjoy the scenery.

She was sweating profusely and had an angry expression on her face.

However, she slowly calmed down.

Why did she feel that something was wrong

A gust of wind blew past, causing the leaves in the forest to rustle.

Zhang Lan looked around and realized that she had unknowingly run into the mountain.

She frowned and shouted, “Gu Dagang You bastard, come out and return the money to me!”

“Gu Dagang didnt take the money.

You dont have to look for him.” Gu Yan slowly walked out from behind a bush and stepped on the grass.

The setting sun was right behind her, so Zhang Lan couldnt see her expression clearly.

But the Sun hadnt set yet and it was still warm, but Zhang Lan felt a chill all over her body.

She subconsciously took two steps back and narrowed her eyes unkindly.

She saw Gu Yan holding a bag in his hand and then taking out a pair of bracelets.

Zhang Lans pupils suddenly constricted.

That was her dowry!

Zhang Lan suddenly flew into a rage and roared, “You wretched girl! How dare you steal my things! Hurry up and return them to me!”

“Oh, then you let Bai Weiyang steal my life.

How are we going to settle this debt”

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