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Chapter 490: How Are You Sleeping Tonight

“Gu Dagang, Zhang Lan already has other men on the main planet.

Yes, and theres more than one.

Shes rushing back from the main planet to divorce you and marry that restaurant owner.

There are some problems that you cant solve by avoiding them.

If youre a man, you should be brave enough to admit your mistakes and correct them! Of course, if youre not a man and your wife has cheated on you so many times, and youre still remain unmoved, I have nothing to say!”

Gu Dagangs uninjured hand almost lost its grip on the cigarette.

Actually, he had heard some rumors about Zhang Lans indiscretions, but because no one had exposed the truth, he still maintained a facade of peace.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was deceiving himself.

But now, this person called Lu Ye had directly exposed all of this.

Gu Dagang felt his mind go blank for a moment.

His limbs went soft and he was very confused.

He lit another cigarette with a trembling hand and took a deep puff before asking, “That girl Yan, she…”

Lu Ye sighed, “Dont make things difficult for Yan Yan.

Actually, this matter is a clear to bystanders, but those who are involved are confused.

Anyone around you would know what to do with their eyes closed.

However, you, who are in the fog, might not make the right decision.

Gu Dagang, you have to know that you owe Yan Yan, but Yan Yan doesnt owe you anything.

You still have a son who can not take care of himself.

You are still a man who can use his own hands to create wealth to support himself and his son.

Therefore, dont let everyone look down on you.

Also, actually, your son still has a chance to recover a little, but whether or not he can recover a little depends on you.”

Lu Ye had said what he needed to say.

So, what he chose to do next was Gu Dagangs own business.

Because there was indeed not much left in the house, Gu Yan simply cooked a simple meal of vegetables and noodles.

The noodles were too light.

If one did not look carefully, one would not even see the cooking oil.

She was a little worried that captain Lu would feel wronged.

She turned her head and saw Captain Lus smiling eyes and the empty bowl that he was reaching out to her.

“Yan Yan, give me another bowl.”

Seeing Lu Yes empty bowl, Gu Qiang immediately ate up all the food in his own bowl and passed the empty bowl to Gu Yan.

Gu Yan: …

Gu Dagang was smoking by the side.

He watched Gu Qiang compete with Lu Ye to see who could eat faster.

In the end, he was so full that he burped.

He suddenly felt that this home that had almost broken up was a little alive now.

Gu Dagang recalled what Lu Ye had said to him just now and slowly fell into deep thought.

After eating and tidying up, Gu Yan gave the things she brought to Gu Dagang and the snacks for Gu Qiang from the main planet.

She had wanted to find an opportunity to tell Gu Dagang that Zhang Lan was getting a divorce and that Zhang Lan would be home the next day, but she was stopped by Lu Ye.

“Ive already told him.

As for the decision, its up to him.”

“Okay.” Gu Yan nodded.

She knew that this was the best they could do.

Gu Qiang was quite happy today.

He ate too much and went out running around.

When he came back, he was tired, so he washed up and went to sleep.

He and Gu Dagang lived in the east room.

Gu Yan and Gu Moli used to live in the west room.

After Gu Yan left for the special training force, Gu Moli never went back to the west room to sleep.

Gu Dagang took out a quilt from the cabinet.

He looked at Gu Yan hesitantly, then at Lu Ye.

He wanted to say something but hesitated.

There were only two beds in the house.

Gu Dagang and Gu Qiang slept in the east room.

Gu Yan naturally slept in the west room, but Lu Ye…

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