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Chapter 489: Nothing Will Ever Change Your Love For Me

Gu Yan held onto Lu Yes waist, wanting him to give her warmth.

“Ye, when I found out the truth, I really hated Zhang Lan.

I wanted her to die.

However, my conscience told me that its illegal to kill.

Even so, I still dont want to let Zhang Lan go.”

“Yan Yan, look at me.” Lu Ye held Gu Yans face and kissed the corner of her mouth gently, “Under the premise that you dont break the law, I will support you in whatever you do.

Also, you have to remember that from now on, you are no longer alone.

I will use sweet words to erase all the suffering you have suffered in the past.

Yan Yan, trust me.”

Gu Yan looked at Lu Ye seriously.

The scenes flashed past her eyes.

Not only in this life, but also in her previous life.

Especially the scene of Lu Ye slowly closing his eyes in front of her in her previous life..

“Lu Ye, I believe in you.”

You will never leave me.

I will never leave you.

The two of them stood in the courtyard for a while, and the crying in the house finally stopped.

Not long after, Gu Dagang walked out with his clothes on.

His eyes were red, but his condition was much better than before.

Perhaps it was because he had released all the repressed things in his heart.

Gu Dagang said, “Yan, have you had dinner You must be tired after a whole day on the road.”

“You havent eaten either, right Ill go make dinner.” Gu Yan saw that Gu Dagang had calmed down, so she comforted him in her heart.

Then, she went to see if there was anything else in the house.

Gu Qiang was probably shocked by what had happened today.

He was very silent.

When Gu Yan was washing the vegetables and cooking, he squatted by the side silently, as if he was still nervous that Gu Yan would disappear.

Lu Ye looked at his little wife who was busy working in front of the stove, his eyes filled with tenderness.

At this moment, Gu Dagang passed a cigarette to Lu Ye.

“Do you want to smoke”

“Sure.” Lu Ye took the cigarette.

It was very strange.

Smoking could make two unfamiliar men instantly become familiar with each other.

Even though this was the first time Gu Dagang had seen Lu Ye.

He asked, “You… are the Yan girls partner”

“Yes, weve decided to get married.” Lu Ye took a puff.

He felt that this earthen cigarette was very spicy, but it was also quite strong.

Gu Dagang saw him take a puff of the smoke without changing his expression and was very impressed.

He asked curiously, “Have you smoked this kind of cigarette before”

“No.” Lu Ye chuckled.

“But Ive smoked cigarettes that are even stronger than this.

Ill bring you some next time.”

“Sure.” Gu Dagang took a puff of the smoke and said in a muffled voice, “I dont know how you met the Yan girl, nor do I know your background, character, or anything else.

In fact, Im not qualified to criticize the Yan girls marriage.

However, I just want to say one thing.

Kid, you must treat the Yan girl better in the future.

Life hasnt been easy for her.”

“Of course.” Lu Ye took another puff of smoke and exhaled.

He turned to look at Gu Dagang and said, “Do you know why Yan Yan was in such a hurry to come back to see you”

“Yan Yan is too kind and filial.

I… I feel guilty towards her.” Gu Dagangs voice was very low.

Lu Ye looked at his face full of guilt and said seriously, “Yes.

If you had said a few more words when she was young and helped Yan Yan fight for something, she might have suffered less.

Of course, if that had happened, Zhang Lan would have divorced you a long time ago.”

Gu Dagangs hand that was holding the cigarette shook, and the ashes flew into his hand.

He did not even feel the heat.

Lu Ye continued, “Everyone has made mistakes.

They may have said the wrong thing, done the wrong thing, or made the wrong choice.

But these are not scary.

The scariest thing is to accept your mistakes and not want to turn back.”

“Its not like that…”

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