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Chapter 47: So Adorable Even When She Rolled Her Eyes

Of course, Lu Ye was feeling unpleasant.

He deliberately left his number in his jacket pocket, but this heartless little thing, two months went by and she never called.

At least she couldve called him to return his jacket, that would provide a reason for them to meet.

Lu Ye squinted and looked at the Gu Yan in front of his eyes.

Her skin seemed to have gotten fairer, her body had become more voluptuous, her eyes were even brighter, the neat military uniform looked even better on her body.

The skinny little bean sprout was slowly starting to change.

When Lu Yes eyes saw the round mounds, his gaze got deeper, then, he looked away.

Gu Yan had no idea what this person in front of her was thinking about.

She was worried that Zhang Lan and Ironsmith Wang would step out and see her, so she immediately grabbed Lu Ye and said, “come, lets talk elsewhere.”

Then, she didnt wait for Lu Yes reply and grabbed him by the hand and quickly walked away.

Lu Ye was feeling very unpleasant a moment ago, and suddenly felt that tender and cold little hand holding his big hand.

The part where their flesh met each other had an indescribable feeling of extreme gentleness.

His unpleasantness disappeared instantly.

It only took them a short amount of time to leave the militarys main entrance.

They made a turn and came to the supply and marketing cooperatives, Gu Yan finally stopped and took back her hand.

“I actually wanted to return your jacket a long time ago, but the number you left me should be an office number.

Arent you from the southern military region I was worried you wouldnt be at the office.” At this time, she finally came back to her senses and asked the person whom she held hands with.

Lu Ye lowered his head and saw his empty hands, a slight hint of disappointment grew in his heart.

When he heard Gu Yan, he looked up, and saw the girls big eyes looking at him with anticipation.

It was…as if he had seen the devil.

He, Lu Ye, would even get the day where he lost his soul

Gu Yan realized Lu Ye was quite happy.

Right now the relationship between them wasnt exactly that close.

The fact that they could meet, no matter the reason, was all the work of fate, right

Lu Ye finally found his voice back.

His smile was all teeth, yet he was grating his teeth together, “Ive been temporarily transferred here, that phone number is the number of my office here.”

Lu Ye didnt know what was wrong with him, he would even stare at the phone number every single day, he stared at the phone so much that the phone almost went short-circuit.

The phone would ring, but it was never from the little angel.

So, on the day off, he came straight to the twenty-sixth division to dun.

Yes, he came here to dun.

“Where is my jacket” Lu Ye looked at her askance, “comrade Gu Yan, did you decide not to give it back”

“Why would I bogart your jacket!” Gu Yan was speechless.

Lu Ye watched as she rolled her pretty eyes.

Mhm, he suddenly realized this girl was so adorable even when she rolled her eyes.

A smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

He reached out his big hand, “then where is my jacket, give it back.”

Gu Yan was in a pickle.

No way in hell she could go back and get his jacket, if she ran into Zhang Lan and Ironsmith Wang, then shed be screwed.

Gu Yan mulled things over and said, “I need to go to an herbal shop right now.

How about this, you go to the herbal shop with me right now, and Ill return your jacket when we come back.”

Lu Yes eyes sparkled.

So… did that mean the little angel was planning on being alone with him

He even played coy and made his tone sound as careless as possible, “thats fine, too.

I dont have anything on my plate right now, so I guess Ill be a good samaritan and go with you.

But, in order to thank me, shouldnt you buy me lunch, hmm”


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