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Chapter 468: Young Sister Is Supposed To Be Pampered

“Im not wronged, really.” Gu Yan looked at Xie Luan very seriously, but in her heart, she was thinking that not only did she not feel wronged now, she felt very warm instead.

This feeling of being cared for by her biological mother was something that she did not dare to imagine in her previous life.

In her previous life, she had always thought that Zhang Lan was her mother.

Ever since she was young, seeing how Zhang Lan treated Gu Moli so well, Gu Yan was very envious.

She had always wondered if it was because she was not good enough or outstanding enough that her mother had always been so cold to her.

And now, she also had a mother who cared about her.

How wonderful.

By the time the few of them finished eating, it was already more than three hours later.

In fact, Gu Yan could not remember what they had eaten during the meal because she had always been very excited.

Even though she had been hiding it well.

In the end, before Xie Luan left, she said that she would not care too much about Bai Weiyangs marriage.

She would let Bai Mengchen handle most of the matters, and she would announce to the public that she needed to recuperate because she was unwell.

Moreover, Elder Bai had said the same before, the others did not object.

As for letting Bai Mengchen handle the wedding, Bai Mengchen and Bai Weiyang were very happy.

It could be considered a happy outcome, and it would not raise any suspicions.

After just getting to know each other, Xie Luan always felt that she had a lot to say to Gu Yan.

She wanted to ask Gu Yan how he had been living on Planet Jialuo all these years, but she did not have the heart to open Gu Yans scar.

She was worried that Gu Yan would be in pain again.

After enduring for a while, Xie Luan did not say anything in the end.

However, there was another thing that was still stuck in her heart.

When Xie Luan and Bai Changle left together, she sighed softly.

“Changle, I feel that Im too useless.

Not only did I make my daughter suffer so much, I cant even bring her home now.”

“Mom, thats not your fault.

After all, you were in a coma for a long time, and you almost died from the bleeding.” Bai Changle was very upset, “Im the one whos upset.

At that time, I went to the hospital to see you.

Although I was only a few years old, I could have stayed by my sisters side.”

Xie Luan shook her head gently.

“Dont blame yourself.

How old were you at that time However, I can feel that Xiao Yan didnt blame the two of us, but she still has some resentment toward the Bai family.”

“Mhm, I feel that she doesnt even want to acknowledge father, let alone grandfather and the others… Mom, after the paternity test report is out, lets bring Xiao Yan home,” Bai Changle had already put away his usual frivolity and said with a serious expression.

Xie Luans eyes dimmed a little.

“Well see what Xiao Yan thinks when the time comes.

She has already suffered too much.

I dont want to see her suffer any more grievances.”

Bai Changle nodded and agreed.

In fact, the impact today had been quite big.

Most importantly, Bai Changle felt very surprised!

He had always felt that Gu Yan was smart and sensible.

It would have been great if she was his biological sister.

As expected, God had heard his prayers, so his wish had come true !

When Bai Changle was young, he had envied the other boys in the noble district.

They had a soft and cute sister.

When their sisters were bullied, they would stand up and protect their little sisters.

If he saved his pocket money, he could buy his sister a cute doll and a pretty little skirt.

Seeing how happy she was, it was not bad.

Unfortunately, Bai Weiyang did not let Bai Changle have this kind of mood since he was young.

Although there was once when Bai Changle used his pocket money to buy a little doll for Bai Weiyang, Bai Weiyang accepted it with a smile.

However, she turned around and said to Lin Xiaoyu, this doll was too ugly.

The clothes on its body were actually coarse cloth.

At that time, when little brother Bai Changle heard about it, he received a blow of 10,000 points..

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