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Chapter 449: I Will Definitely Be Happy

Xie Luan agreed to everything one by one before she left.

When she told Bai Weiyang about what the old man had agreed to, Xie Luan saw that Bai Weiyang was really happy.

The corners of her eyes and brows were filled with joy as she hugged her directly.

The mother and daughter had been together for so many years.

In fact, it was rare for them to have such intimate actions.

Xie Luan could tell that Weiyang was just putting on an act a few times before.

But this time, it was actually the first time Bai Weiyang expressed her feelings so sincerely and hugged Xie Luan.

“Mom, thank you so much!”

Xie Luans feelings were a little complicated, but in the end, she only smiled helplessly.

“Its fine as long as youre happy.”

“Ill definitely be happy!” Bai Weiyang was really happy.

She thought for a moment and said, “Ill go call Haoran right now!”

Bai Weiyang was too anxious and turned around to run.

Xie Luan had no time to stop her.

What Xie Luan wanted to tell Bai Weiyang was that the more initiative she took, the more she would make him think that she was already married to him.

If that was the case, he would probably not take her to heart.

However, Xie Luan realized that she could no longer remind Bai Weiyang.

After all, she had said these words before.

However, Weiyangs expression at that time was as if she was purposely stopping her happiness.

Xie Luan shook her head slightly.

“I hope that Haoran will treat you well in the future.”

Bai Weiyangs heart was in the clouds.

When she dialed the Lin familys number, the hand holding the microphone trembled slightly due to her excitement.

Lin Xiaoyu answered the phone.

Hearing Lin Xiaoyus lazy voice from the other end of the phone, Bai Weiyang immediately said, “Xiaoyu, quick, let your brother answer the phone! I have urgent matters to look for him!”

Because of the recent events, the Lin familys impression of Bai Weiyang had also dropped a lot.

However, Lin Xiaoyu had always worshipped Bai Weiyang, so when she heard her voice, she did not hesitate, she turned around and called her brother to pick up the phone.

“Hello, Weiyang”

“Yes, its me.” When Bai Weiyang heard Lin Haorans voice, she suddenly felt her heart soften.

The corners of her mouth raised high, and her eyes were bright.

“Haoran, grandfather has already agreed to our marriage.

He wont force you to make any choice! He said he agreed to our marriage at the end of the month!”

Lin Haoran was quite surprised.

During this period of time, he was also very conflicted.

He was not willing to give up on the Bai familys marriage, but he also did not want to be led by the nose by the Bai family like this.

He also did not want to give up the opportunity to go to the Snow Wolf Unit because of this.

Because of the conflict and hesitation, he had not made up his mind for a long time.

At this time, Bai Weiyangs phone call made Lin Haoran puzzled.

“Why did your grandfather suddenly change his mind”

“Yes, I went to beg grandfather…” Bai Weiyangs eyes shifted, but she did not mention the pregnancy.

Putting aside the fact that the pregnancy was fake…

She had already sensed the change in the attitude of the Lin family towards her.

If they thought that she had no choice but to marry Haoran because she was pregnant, who knew what they would think.

Bai Weiyang understood that short-sighted woman, Madam Lin!

Although Lin Haoran thought that this matter had suddenly taken a drastic turn and was skeptical, he did not doubt Bai Weiyangs words at all.

In fact, he had always known that Bai Weiyang loved him.

When he thought of this, Lin Haorans voice also became gentle, “Thats good.

Its great that grandfather has agreed.

Then let my parents come out another day and confirm the wedding with uncle Bai and aunt Xie.

However, if we get married at the end of the month, it might be a little rushed.

Weiyang, you wont blame me, right”

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