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Chapter 437: Argue With Song Yaqin Again

Lu Ye cared a lot about his girlfriend, Gu Yan.

Song Yaqin knew this very well.

Although she was uncomfortable, she had also done some psychological work for herself over the past few days.

If she wanted to get Lu Ye, she had to do it slowly!

However, Qin Lanzhi had always been her ally.

She had even said more than once that she wanted her to be the daughter-in-law of the Lu family.

But now…

Song Yaqin gritted her teeth.

She did not know why Qin Lanzhi treated Gu Yan so well after only a few days!

What kind of bewitching potion did Gu Yan give Qin Lanzhi !

Song Yaqin turned around and saw Gu Yan sitting on the only chair beside Qin Lanzhis bed which she was sitting on before.

This woman was really rude!

Her bag was still on that chair!

Song Yaqin walked over and said in a wronged voice, “Gu Yan, Ive been sitting on this chair.

Look, my bag is still there.”

“Oh.” Gu Yan nodded, but she didnt do anything.

Song Yaqin was angry, but since Lu Ye and Qin Lanzhi were beside her, she could only continue to say, “Gu Yan, why are you like this”

“Whats wrong with me” Gu Yans expression was calm, and the green light on her fingertips did not stop.

At the same time, the white light that could detect a persons physical condition had already flown to Song Yaqins side without anyone noticing.

After checking Song Yaqins physical condition, the corners of Gu Yans mouth curled up slightly.

Song Yaqin saw that not only did Gu Yan not move away, but she was still smiling.

She was very unhappy.

She bit her lips tightly, as if she had suffered a great grievance, and said, “Gu Yan, I know that youre jealous that Ah Ye and I are childhood sweethearts.

We grew up together, and youre also jealous that aunt Lanzhi treats me well.

She has always treated me like your daughter-in-law.

But, arent you going too far by bullying me like this”

“Did I bully you” Gu Yan was amused.

“Song Yaqin, I just sat on a chair.

Do you have to be so wronged Why, did you bring this chair”

Song Yaqin: “…”

Lu Ye had already crossed his arms and stood behind Gu Yan.

The corners of his mouth curled up, looking completely protective.

Qin Lanzhi could feel the tension between Gu Yan and Song Yaqin.

Moreover, Song Yaqins words saying that Gu Yan was jealous that aunt Lanzhi treated her well and had always treated me as her daughter-in-law..

Qin Lanzhi felt uncomfortable no matter how she heard it.

She looked up and saw her sons displeased gaze.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Would Ah Ye think that she was still treating Song Yaqin well and be angry with her

In the end, regardless whether it was Song Yaqin or Gu Yan, in Qin Lanzhis heart, the most important person would always be her son, Lu Ye!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that she was a son-obsessed person.

Therefore, Qin Lanzhi frowned and said to Song Yaqin, “Yaqin, what nonsense are you saying What I said before was just a joke.

Dont take it seriously.

Besides, its just a chair.

It doesnt make any difference where you sit!”

Not only did her words contradict what she had said before, but more importantly, she actually started to defend Gu Yan!

Song Yaqins heart skipped a beat when she heard that.

She had really underestimated this Gu Yan.

He actually made Qin Lanzhi change her attitude in just a few days!

No! Absolutely not!

If Qin Lanzhi also accepted Gu Yan, then no one would stop their marriage!

If that was the case, Lu Ye would definitely marry Gu Yan!

No, she, Song Yaqin, would never let this happen!

Lu Ye could only be hers!

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