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Chapter 431: Youre Too Beautiful

Gu Yan smiled without saying a word.

To be honest, she already missed the feeling of holding a scalpel back then.

It had been more than a year since she reincarnated, but she still had not picked up the scalpel.

But there was no need to rush.

She would be able to go to the Empires First Academy again soon.

The trajectory of her fate had already begun to change completely.

Gu Yans current life was already a brand new one.

Qin Lanzhi looked at Gu Yans side face.

She couldnt resist and said.

“Gu Yan, I still feel that youre too beautiful.”

Gu Yan held the fruit knife in her hand and paused, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

If Qin Lanzhi picked on her fault and said something else, such as that Gu Yans background wasnt good… Well, in Qin Lanzhis heart, this was indeed a problem.

However, Gu Yan didnt care about that, not to mention that after some time, when her background was revealed, even if Gu Yan didnt return to the Bai family, she wouldnt be some ignorant girl from an underdeveloped planet.

After all, she was about to enter the Empires First Academy soon.

But this aspect of being beautiful…

Qin Lanzhi used a toothpick to pick up a piece of apple, put it in her mouth, and then said, “Gu Yan, I didnt mean to target you.

Actually, when I heard that you were studying for the Empires First Academy, I knew that you werent just an embroidered pillow.

You have some capability.

But you also know that parents all over the world care about their children very much.

If their children are looking for a partner, they naturally want their children to find the best and the most desirable one.”

“I understand aunties reasoning.” Gu Yan smiled slightly.

A green light flashed on her fingertip, and it leaped onto Qin Lanzhis lap.

She continued to say, “After all, Ah Yes wife is the person who will be with him for the rest of his life.

She will also be your family member in the future.

Therefore, it is understandable for you to be more cautious and picky.

However, auntie, I hope that you can try to understand me first and see what kind of person I am.

After you understand me, you can make a judgment and see if Ye and I are suitable for each other.”

Gu Yans words were calm and very artistic.

First, she affirmed Qin Lanzhis opinion.

Then, she suggested that they give each other a chance to understand each other and not jump to a conclusion directly.

She was Lu Yes girlfriend was so they should not mention that Song Yaqin.

In her previous life, Gu Yan and Qin Lanzhi had several confrontations, but they ended on bad terms.

One loved her son dearly, while the other was also uncertain about love due to various things.

Although everyones personality was different, there was one point in common between the two of them.

That was they both loved Lu Ye now.

To Gu Yan, she had to be with Lu Ye.

So, unless it was a last resort, Gu Yan didnt want to get into a fight with Qin Lanzhi.

After all, she was Lu Yes biological mother, who had given birth to Lu Ye.

If they really got into a fight, the one who would be troubled in the end would still be Lu Ye.

It was precisely because Gu Yans words were reasonable and very gentle that Qin Lanzhi quickly agreed with her.

Qin Lanzhis attitude towards Gu Yan was already softening.

At this moment, she was silent for a moment before she said somewhat unnaturally, “I listened to what others said before, so I was a little prejudiced… but Gu Yan, youre too beautiful.

When Ah Ye goes on missions in the future, you…”

Hearing Qin Lanzhis awkward words, Gu Yan felt that this was already an improvement.

As for saying that she was too beautiful and unsafe…

Gu Yan smiled, “Auntie, Im going to study soon, and I might have to temporarily separate from Ah Ye.

When I graduate in the future, Ill become a doctor.

Since were both soldiers, Ill understand Ah Ye better, and in the future, Ill also focus on Ah Ye.

If hes transferred somewhere for a long time, Ill definitely follow him.”

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