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Chapter 415: A Bit Like A Friend Of Mine

When the two of them entered through the door, they found that elder Lu had already changed his expression to that of an elder.

He was sitting on the sofa drinking tea with a serious expression on his face.

He was completely different from the person who had poured water on the younger generation just now.

Lu Ye knew that elder Lu was holding back his laughter.

He said, “Grandfather, Im back.

This is Gu Yan, my girlfriend.”

“Hello, grandfather Lu,” Gu Yan said obediently.

Grandfather Lu snorted.

“Were not related.

I dont dare to have you call me grandfather.”

Gu Yan was not angry.

Her attitude was still gentle and she smiled, “Youre Ah Yes grandfather.

Its not too much for me to call you grandfather.

However, Im not married to Ah Ye yet, so Ill address you as grandfather Lu.

After all, youre an elder.

If you feel that grandpa Lu is inappropriate, then Ill call you old leader”

Although he had retired, there were actually people who called him old leader Lu.

Gu Yans words could be said to be immaculate.

It left old man Lu speechless, and he didnt even have a reason to be angry.

So old man Lu laughed loudly and said, “You girl, youve said everything.

What else can I say Speaking of which, you look a little like one of my former companions.

He said and did everything flawlessly.

But at that time, I told crazy Bai that he was twisting words and logic.


Lu Ye paused for a moment and said, “Grandfather, the crazy Bai Youre talking about… isnt that commander Bais father, elder Bai”


Grandfather Lu was lost in his memories, and his mind wandered.

However, Gu Yan lowered her eyes slightly, and the smile on her face faded.

It was quite a strange thing.

It turned out that grandfather Bai and grandfather Lu were comrades.

However, when she thought about it, it made sense.

During the galactic war, many cosmic troopers were working hard to protect their homes.

Grandfather Bai and grandfather Lu were probably the best among them.

On the other side, Lu ye asked curiously, “Then, grandfather, who is the other comrade you mentioned”

“Him, he has already sacrificed himself…” elder Lu sighed.

For some reason, when Gu Yan heard this, her mood suddenly dropped.

A large wave of sadness instantly drowned her.

Sadness, a kind of uncontrollable sadness.

This was the first time Gu Yan had encountered such a thing.

She subconsciously touched the small jade pendant hanging under her clothes.

Lu Ye immediately noticed that Gu Yans complexion was not too good.

He turned to Gu Yan and said, “Yan Yan, youve been on the train all night.

You must be tired after accompanying me to the hospital.

Lets go.

Ill send you to your room to rest.”

Elder Lu did not really mean to make things difficult for Gu Yan.

Moreover, he heard that the child had gone to the hospital after getting off the train.

It could be considered as filial piety.

He also nodded and said, “Ah Ye, both of you can go to your rooms to rest.

After that, Ill get the nanny to prepare a meal.

When youre done with your rest, you can come down and eat.”

Seeing that both of them had said so, Gu Yan nodded.

However, she still took out the medicinal wine that she had prepared for grandpa Lu and said, “Grandpa Lu, this is the medicinal wine that I brewed.

It can strengthen your body.

You just need to drink a cup of it every night.

Try It first.

If it feels good, Ill make some more for you next time.”

To be honest, these medicinal wine were much better than the medicinal supplement pills.

Not to mention, elder Lu was a person who loved wine.

However, he still nodded in a reserved manner.

Then, he patted Lu Yes shoulder and said, “Brat, hmm, not bad, not bad.”

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