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Chapter 408: I Hate Fake People

Gu Yan didnt forget how Shen Jiayi looked like in her previous life.

The sunlight shone into the ward, but it couldnt penetrate Shen Jiayis gloomy heart.

She curled up in the dark and looked at everyone with vigilance.

No matter what others said, she didnt have any reaction.

Gu Yan remembered that Dr.

Li, who Gu Yan was very familiar with, had said that Shen Jiayi had suffered a great deal of mental trauma, which resulted in her being like this.

Because she was autistic, she would think too much about things and then get into a dilemma.

Moreover, there were more than one people like Shen Nana in the environment Shen Jiayi grew up in.

In addition to the huge trauma, Gu Yan remembered that doctor Li had vaguely mentioned that the trauma that Shen Jiayi had experienced was not just psychological.

After all, it involved the patients privacy.

In her previous life, Gu Yan and Shen Jiayi were really not close people, so she naturally did not pursue the matter.

Since her rebirth, she had become good friends with Shen Jiayi, so Gu Yan paid more attention to Shen Jiayis surroundings.

Although Shen Nana was a bad person, Gu Yan could tell what she wouldnt do anything serious to Shen Jiayi.

And this Xiao Mosheng that Lu Ye suddenly mentioned…

Gu Yan raised his head and looked at Lu Ye.

“Ye, what kind of person is this Xiao Mosheng”

“Hes a very talented composer, and he can write songs.

Hes a musical talent,” Lu Ye looked around.

There were only the two of them, so he said softly, “Song Yaqins famous work is composed by Xiao Mosheng.

But the name is credited to Song Yaqin.”

Su Lina had investigated this matter together.

That was why Su Lina had reminded Lu ye that Song Yaqin was really unreliable.

She could even do such a thing.

She was really wicked.”

Gu Yan was quite surprised.

“I really couldnt tell.

It doesnt match her weak and innocent appearance at all.”

“Right! Yan Yan, Ive actually seen through her facade a long time ago.

I hate fake people like her the most!”

Seeing that Lu Ye was seizing every opportunity to wash away the questions about their childhood sweethearts, Gu Yan pursed her lips in amusement.

“I believe you.”

After all, Lu Ye had already sent people to investigate Song Yaqin and found some evidence against her.

If one day Song Yaqin really made Lu Ye unable to bear it anymore, these evidence would be dropped on song Yaqins face.

Gu Yan had long known that Lu Ye was very meticulous.

He might have started thinking of all sorts of countermeasures when Song Yaqin first appeared in front of him.

How could she not love this kind of man.

Moreover, he was so outstanding.

He would definitely be coveted by other women…

Gu Yan narrowed her eyes.

Xiao Mosheng, right You better not have anything to do with the tragedy in Shen Jiayis past life!


As the two of them were talking, they unknowingly walked to the door of Mrs.

Lus ward.


Lu was staying in a single ward, with an accompanying bed, a three-seater sofa, and a separate bathroom next to it.

Lu Ye and Gu Yan had just reached the door when they heard voices coming from inside.

“Lanzhi, dont mess around with that girl Yaqin anymore.

Look at you, youve broken your leg!”

“I told you, Yaqin had nothing to do with my leg.

Sigh, its true.

I broke it myself.

Its not her fault, she…”

Gu Yan turned to look at Lu Ye.

Why did Mrs.

Lus injury have something to do with Song Yaqin

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