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Chapter 407: Advise You To Go To Gynaecology

If Gu Yan said anything unpleasant, Song Yaqin would only be angry, simply angry.

At most, she would be shaking with anger.

While Lu Yes words… made her feel very uncomfortable.

Song Yaqins eyes instantly turned red.

This kind of woman who would always cry and pretend to be pitiful was the most annoying.

Gu Yan narrowed her eyes and looked at Song Yaqins superficial expression.

She thought for a moment and suddenly shouted in her heart, “Little Jade Pendant!”!

A white light flashed past that no one could see and directly wrapped around Song Yaqin.

Then, a few words appeared in the depths of Gu Yans mind, causing the corners of Gu Yans mouth to slightly curve up.

When Song Yaqin had already decided to insist on going over with them, Lu Ye was so frustrated that he wanted to hit her.

Gu Yan suddenly said with concern, “Miss Song, I suggest that you dont follow us to see auntie first.

Youd best visit gynaecology first.”

Song Yaqin was stunned.

“What do you mean”

“If youre pregnant for three months and youre not careful, theres a high chance you will miscarry,” Gu Yan said very sincerely, “Miss Song, I see that your complexion isnt good.

Moreover, your ankle is starting to swell up.

You dont have enough qi and blood.

Its better to go and have a look quickly so your child will be safe.”

“What nonsense are you spouting How can I be pregnant Gu Yan, Ill sue you for slander!” Song Yaqin stared at her, looking a little crazy.

As she said this, she also looked at Lu Ye worriedly.

Her eyes were filled with panic.

Lu Ye directly ignored her.

He walked to Gu Yans side, put his arm around her shoulder, and said, “Yanyan, lets go.

mom and dad are waiting for us.”

“Okay, okay,” Gu Yan replied obediently.

This time, Song Yaqin did not follow him.

She remembered that she had not had her period for two months.

Initially, she thought that it was because she had just returned to the main planet and was not used to environment.

But now it seemed…

No, no, no, she had to go for a check-up.

She absolutely could not get pregnant!

At this moment, Song Yaqin finally did not follow them.

Lu Ye and Gu Yans ears were finally quiet.

Lu Ye pinched his wifes hand and said, “Yan Yan, dont be angry.

Song Yaqin, she…”

“Yes, I dont think much of her.

“Gu Yan tilted his head and smiled, “And I didnt mean to scare Song Yaqin just now.

Shes really pregnant.

Im 80% sure.

Ye, you remember that I studied Chinese medicine before, right So judging from Song Yaqins complexion and physical condition, its very likely that shes pregnant.”

Gu Yan saw Lu Ye looking at her and didnt say a word.

She smiled and said, “What, Ye, you dont believe it You dont believe that your childhood sweetheart is pregnant and still cant forget you”

“Yan Yan…” Lu Ye sighed and smiled helplessly, “Song Yaqin is indeed a child from the noble district.

However, my grandfather threw me into the special training team a long time ago, so I didnt spend much time with her.

We didnt even grow up together.

I also know how she feels about me, and I would never give her a chance.

Moreover, I rejected her time and time again.

More importantly, I believe you when you say that shes pregnant.

I even know who the father of her child is.”

Gu Yan raised his eyebrows and was very curious.

“You actually know who the father of her child is”


Didnt Song Yaqin stay in a foreign planet for a few years before that She just returned to the main planet.

While she was outside, she found a boyfriend and the two of them lived together for a period of time.

However, after returning to the main planet, the two of them broke up.”

Gu Yan nodded and teased, “Song Yaqin must have broken up with her boyfriend because of you.”

The corner of Lu Yes mouth twitched.

If this topic continued, it would definitely be disadvantageous to him.

Therefore, captain Lu decisively changed the topic and said, “Yan Yan, Song Yaqins ex-boyfriend is now in the Northern Star Districts arts platoon.

He seems to be very familiar with your friend Shen Jiayi.”

The ridicule on Gu Yans face faded bit by bit.

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