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Chapter 384: Lu Ye Is So Nervous

Bai Changle turned his head and suddenly snorted, saying, “Guo Rou, what do you want to ask Why dont you just ask directly Its not like you to be so mysterious.”

“Im embarrassed to ask Aunt Xie directly.” Guo Rou was very speechless.

Aunt Xie was still beside her, but Bai Changle actually said that!

Xie Luan was usually gentle.

She was very nice to the children in the noble district.

Guo Rou respected her very much.

But she couldnt help but be too curious.

Xie Luan smiled slightly and said, “I care about Xiao Yan as much as the rest of you.”

Guo Rou still couldnt understand.

Xie Luans daughter was Bai Weiyang, right And she always knew that Gu Yan and Bai Weiyang didnt get along well.

However, she tactfully decided not continue to asking.

It was always a good thing to have one more person to care about Gu Yan.

Lu Ye was sitting on the sofa, leaning against it.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and picked up the cup beside him.

He shook it and realized that the cup was empty.

He was actually starting to get nervous again.

The last time when Gu Yan participated in the qualification exam, Lu Ye had already felt extremely nervous.

This time, the Galactic Alliance examination made him even more nervous.

If there werent so many people here, Lu Ye would have stood up and walked around.

Would his wife be nervous

Would his wife have questions that she didnt know how to answer

Would his wife have written her name wrong!

Among them, Han Jiao had the lowest sense of presence.

In fact, it was Li Haili who asked her to come today.

Li Haili said that it wasnt easy for Gu Yan to be alone, so she asked Han Jiao to come over and take a look.

In the end…

Han Jiao sighed, but at the same time, she felt very gratified.

After all, Gu Yan had so many friends who cared about her.

Well, Han Jiao did not know why the wife of the commander would be here, and she would not ask directly.

However, she presumed that the wife of the commander had a good relationship with Gu Yan.

Bai Changle and Guo Rou argued with each other for a while and Xie Luan told him off later.

He was a little embarrassed, so he went to Lu Yes and said, “Lu Ye, lets go out and have a smoke”

“This is a school.”

“We can go to the toilet and smoke.” Bai Changle shrugged.

He really couldnt sit still.

When he thought about there being another day tomorrow, Bai Changle wasnt really entertained.

He looked like a frosted eggplant.

Lu Ye looked at him with disdain.

“Dont you find it smelly Your hobby is quite unique.

If you want to smoke, go by yourself!”

“Ah, Im just bored.

Besides, Lu Ye, arent you nervous”

Bai Changle had known Lu Ye for many years.

He studied him and looked at the cup beside him.

Suddenly, he smiled and bumped Lu Yes shoulder, “Youve already drank several cups of water.

Say, did you eat something salty or what Youre not really nervous are you”

Lu Ye frowned, his fists were itching.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously, then lowered his voice and said, “Bai Changle, dont think that I wont dare to beat you up just because auntie Xie is here.”

Bai Changle was stunned.

In the next moment, he put some distance between him and Lu Ye, and moved a few peoples distance away.

He still didnt feel safe, so he went straight to principal Gaos bookshelf to find a book to read.

Among the few people here, Shen Jiayi was the quietest.

However, she was also the calmest.

During this period of time in the arts platoon, she had indeed changed a little, but compared to Guo Rou, she was still very gentle and calm.

Guo Rou was also like Bai Changle, bored.

She thought for a moment, then suddenly bumped Shen Jiayis shoulder and said, “Hey, Jiayi, I went to look for you the other day.

Who was the man playing the piano with you”

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