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Chapter 352: Lin Haorans Worries

Lin Haoran felt even more frustrated at the thought of having to spend the rest of his life with this kind of woman!

For some reason, when Lin Haoran closed his eyes slightly, a beautiful and flamboyant face flashed across the depths of his mind.

Gu Yan.

Ever since he caught a glimpse of her, Lin Haoran knew that such a beautiful figure moved into his heart.

He tried to chase her away, but he found that it was in vain.

Gu Yan was too beautiful, too outstanding, and too smart.

It was likely that no man would dislike a woman like her.

If there really was such a man, it must be because of his inferiority complex, and he felt that he was not worthy of Gu Yan.

Lin Haoran sighed.

It would be great if Gu Yan had a good background.

For example, a background similar to the Bai family…

Lin Haoran slowly opened his eyes, his eyes flashed.

If that was the case, he would not marry that stupid woman, Bai Weiyang.

Even if he had to resort to any means, he would snatch Gu Yan away from Lu Ye!

It was a pity that Gu Yan was just a girl from an underdeveloped planet.

Without a background, what was the use of being outstanding

Lin Haoran closed his eyes again, but his heart was fixed on Gu Yans beautiful face.

Gu Yan… Gu Yan…

Lin Haoran murmured the name softly.

For some reason, a lingering, inexplicable emotion emerged in his heart.

It was as if Gu Yan was standing in front of him, turned around, and smiled sweetly at him..

Her snow-white skin, beautiful face, and tall figure.

Lin Haoran suddenly opened his eyes and panted heavily.

However, there was a flash of excitement in his eyes, and his body also became excited!

He was fantasising about Gu Yan … and actually had a reaction!

After rushing into the bathroom and handling it, Lin Haoran took a shower and slowly calmed down.

He took out a logic theory book and sat on the chair.

After reading for more than an hour, he realized that he was still on the first page.

A voice came from downstairs.

It was Lin Jiangdong and the others.

He also heard Lin Xiaoyus voice.

Ever since the incident in the water room, Lin Xiaoyu had been brought home.

The burns on her face had long healed, but because of her guilty conscience, she stayed at home for a long time.

Later, Lin Jiangdong asked for help from someone and stuffed Lin Xiaoyu into a normal school.

After graduation, she would become a teacher directly.

Although she could not be in the special forces system, it was still a good job for a girl to be a teacher.

In the future, she would marry into a family with a better family background.

This was the biggest expectation that Lin Jiangdong had for his daughter.

Because he knew better than anyone else that his daughter had been spoiled by him and his wife.

When she did things, she was not so cautious.

Otherwise, she would not have let Gu Yan beat her to the ground so quickly.

When Lin Haoran went downstairs, he happened to see Lin Xiaoyu massaging Mrs.

Lins shoulders.

The corner of her mouth was raised high, and she looked very happy.

How heartless.

Lin Haoran frowned, but in the next moment, the space between his brows relaxed, and there was a smile on his face.

“Dad, mom, where did you go Ive been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Your sister insisted on going to see the lotus flowers.

I told her that the lotus flowers hadnt bloomed yet, but she didnt believe me.” Lin Jiangdong massaged the space between his brows, sat on the sofa, put on his glasses, and then picked up the newspaper at the side.

He continued, “In the end, we went and didnt even see a single lotus flower!”

“But we went out to see the scenery.

Its not bad.” Lin Xiaoyu curled her lips at the side.

“The reason why youre in a good mood is because you bought a few pieces of clothes with your mother at the store, right” Lin Jiangdong said without raising his head.


Lin was unhappy.

“We only bought a few pieces of clothes.

Lin Jiangdong, are you reluctant to spend money on us”

Lin Haoran knew that his mother was narrow-minded and impatient.

He did not know what sort of correlations she would draw.

He quickly said, “Dad, mom, I have something important to discuss with you.”

“What is it”

“Weiyang and I are getting married.”

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