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Chapter 350: I Want To Give Them A Wedding Gift

If M and the others heard Lu Ye being so smug, they would probably want to gang up on him again.

Gu Yan pursed her lips and looked around.

She also liked this dress very much.

In her previous life, she had never worn such a bright dress.

After all, life was so hard every day.

Who would have the mood and energy to dress themselves up exquisitely

Moreover, it was said that a woman looked good for her lover.

As for her feelings in her previous life… They were a mess.

She was not in the mood to look good, even if she always had a lover.

Gu Yans thoughts wandered off a little.

Lu Ye had already walked up to her and kissed the corner of her mouth gently.

He sounded a little resentful.

“Wife, Im giving you a present.

Why are you still daydreaming”

“Ye, I like this dress very much.” Gu Yan reached out and hugged Lu Yes waist.

She leaned her face against his firm chest.

“Why did you think of buying me a red dress”

Lu Ye hugged Gu Yan with one hand and gently stroked her long hair with the other, “Yan Yan, do you still remember that movie we watched together before new years Red dresses are popular on the streets I said at that time that you would definitely look better in a red dress than the people in the movie! Then, when I returned home from my mission this time, I passed by a shop and took a liking to this dress.

I knew at that time that it would definitely be very suitable for you!”

“Youre really…”

Gu Yan felt a warmth in her heart.

In her two lifetimes, she had never experienced the feeling of being constantly remembered by others like this.

Perhaps at that time, Lu Ye really wanted to, but he did not have the chance to express it.

Leaning gently against Lu Ye and listening to his strong heartbeat, Gu Yan felt extremely at ease.

The two of them hugged for a long time before separating.

However, when Gu Yan heard Lu Ye mention the movie before the new year, she suddenly remembered what Bai Changle had said just now.

She thought for a moment and said, “Lu Ye, if Lin Haoran and Bai Weiyang get married, they will send you an invitation, right”

“Of course they will send me an invitation.

Lin Haoran loves to do things that brings him face, even though he definitely doesnt want to see me at the wedding,” Lu Ye said absentmindedly while his eyes were still staring at his little wifes slim waist, “Why did you suddenly think of this”

“Well, when he sends you an invitation, you can take me with you.” Gu Yan narrowed her eyes slightly.

The smile on her face was a little evil.

“I want to send them a wedding gift.”

Lu Ye didnt quite understand.

He pinched Gu Yans little hand and said, “Dont you hate Bai Weiyang the most”

“Yeah, I hate Bai Weiyang a lot, and I also think that Lin Haoran is also very annoying.

So, the two of them will get married and will stop them from harming others.

Its a big celebration.”

As Gu Yan said this, the smile on her face was quite smug.

Lu Ye really liked to see his little wife looking so evil.

One look and he could tell that she was going to cause trouble.

He could not help but pinch Gu Yans face.

“Thats a good reason.

I like it.”

“If you like me, then you like me.

Dont pinch my face.

What if it gets bigger”

“Its okay.

Even if youre a pancake face, I will still like you!”

“… Youre the big pancake face!”

The two of them argued childishly and then looked at each other.

They could not help but to laugh.

While Gu Yan and Lu Ye were flirting, the atmosphere between Lin Haoran and Bai Weiyang was not so good.

Even though the two of them were about to get married.

In the Bai familys living room, only Bai Mengchen, Bai Weiyang, and Lin Haoran were left.

Bai Mengchen truly loved Bai Weiyang.

She said to Lin Haoran, “Haoran, youre the one who bullied Weiyang, so you must take responsibility.

After you get married, Treat Weiyang well.”

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