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Chapter 345: Can You Be Happy After Youve Passed The Exam

Actually, he was also looking forward to going to the Snow Wolf Unit.

How cool was that It was said that the members of the Snow Wolf Unit not only had to know how to drive a spaceship, but they also had to know how to drive a tank.

Their car and mechanical skills also had to be top-notch.

Bai Changle had long been impatient and was rubbing his hands in anticipation.

Meanwhile, Lu Ye, who was sitting next to him, took a sip of water and cracked a smile.

“Uncle Bai, you can make decisions for Bai Changle, but Im afraid you cant make decisions for Lin Haorans side, right Why do I hear that kid doesnt want to go to the front line”

Lu Yes words had always been very blunt.

Even though he was mentally prepared, Bai Jianjuns face turned a little ugly when he heard this.

He asked coldly, “Who did you hear it from”

“This kind of thing is naturally said by Lin Haoran himself.

Uncle Bai, I suggest you go and ask Lin Haoran first.

That person has a bellyful of bad schemes,” Lu Ye stretched and said, “The assessment is actually random, and it will be based on ones ability.

Changles might be skewed toward technology, so they may test him more on scouting and deciphering.

Just be mentally prepared.

The assessment will be a real mission, not a drill.

There will be real casualties.”

Lu Ye recalled his assessment last year.

At first, he didnt know it was an assessment, thinking that it was just a relatively difficult mission that had seriously injured him.

And it was at that time that he met Gu Yan.

The little angel in his life.

Lu Ye was recalling the first time he met his little wife when Bai Changle suddenly said, “Hey, Lu Ye, if youre going to the Snow Wolf unit soon, what about Gu Yan”

Lu Yes raised eyebrows immediately drooped down.

Bai Changle, why did this guy have to bring it up!

He glared at Bai Changle.

“If you have the time to care about this, you might as well hurry up and prepare, because during the assessment process, they wont even tell you that its a test!”

Bai Changle was a little dumbfounded.

“So that means that any mission I take next might be the content of the assessment”

Lu Ye nodded.

Bai Changle was stunned for a few minutes, and then he jumped up excitedly.

“This is so exciting! They make an assessment so cool! I cant wait to join the Snow Wolf Unit!”

Son, can you be happy after you pass the assessment

Bai Jianjuns eyebrows twitched, and he couldnt bear to look at him.

Lu Ye was also a troublemaker and gave the commanders a headache.

However, at the critical moment, he was reliable!

However, this son of his…

Bai Jianjun sighed and patted Lu Yes shoulder, saying, “Lu Ye, youre very good.

Your father will definitely be proud of you.”

“Oh, him.

A while ago, when I went home, he wanted to kick me.

Unfortunately, he didnt manage to.” Lu Ye grinned with a bright smile.

Bai Jianjun shook his head helplessly, “Your father, sigh.

Oh right, how is your grandfathers health A while ago, my father was still talking about fighting alongside your grandfather when they were young.”

“My grandfather is very strong.

He has a balcony filled with flowers and plays chess with himself whenever he has nothing to do.

Previously, he dragged my father along with him, but my father regretted his moves and was kicked away by my grandfather.”

Bai Jianjun imagined the scene and a smile appeared on his serious face.

Bai Changle said from the side, “Sigh, Lu Ye, I really envy you.

Its so interesting that the three generations of your family can get along so well, unlike my family.”

“Changle!” Bai Jianjuns expression became serious again.

He was also speechless.

This bastard.

He was still standing here!


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