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Chapter 343: Gu Yan, Youre Really Lucky

“Ive already eaten.

You guys eat first.

After you finish, well talk about things,” Bai Jianjun said calmly.

Lu Ye nodded.

Beside him, Bai Changle felt very wronged.

“Hey, Lu Ye, I havent eaten yet.

There are so many dishes and so many rice.

So what if I eat some.

Dont be so stingy!”

“Ive always been so stingy.” Lu Ye didnt give Bai Changle any face just because Commander Bai was here.

Because he knew that commander Bai wouldnt start trouble for his son just because he joked around with Bai Changle.

Under normal circumstances… Commander Bai would only feel that his son didnt live up to expectations.

However, Bai Changle also understood his father better.

Bai Changle didnt want to find trouble at all.

He plopped down on the sofa and said pitifully, “Brother, seeing that I was so angry with that bastard Lin Haoran today, just let me eat something to appease my stomach.”

“Can you improve a little You always get scolded by Lin Haoran”

“Its really not my fault this time!” Bai changle quickly touched a vegetable ball and threw it into his mouth.

He looked at his father who had stood up and walked to the door.

Then, he lowered his voice and said, “Didnt you go to the big party last night”

“What big party”

“It was Guo Jiangs party.

Didnt Lin Haoran and Weiyang go over Then, they drank a lot and went to sleep… sigh, I didnt go on a mission yesterday.

If I had gone, I definitely wouldnt have let this happen! Now, according to my family, I can only let the two of them get married as soon as possible.”

Gu Yan lowered her head and was eating.

She put the eggplant into her mouth and took two bites gently, but her eyebrows raised slightly.

Lu Ye also started to eat.

There were many dishes anyway, so he didnt really stop Bai Changle from eating.

He said, “Then you ran to beat up Lin Haoran, but was beaten up by him instead”

“If he really beat me up, I wouldnt be so angry,” Bai Changle said and ate a large piece of scrambled egg, sighing, “I feel that Bai Weiyang is an ingrate.

When she saw that I was going to beat up Lin Haoran, she rushed to me and pushed me.

Although Im not very close to her, shes still my biological sister.

Its really uncomfortable.

Ah, no, I have to eat two more bowls of rice!”

“Your main point is the last sentence!” Lu Ye sneered.

Bai Changle did not blush and said directly, “Its your fault for cooking such delicious dishes Ah, in the future, Ill definitely find a wife who can cook delicious dishes.

Gu Yan, youre really lucky!”

Gu Yan sat at the side and pursed her lips.

Bai Weiyangs actions were quite fast.

She found an opportunity so quickly and schemed against Lin Haoran.

But wasnt she a little too desperate

If it was because the two of them slept together and they couldnt wait to get married, how would the two families view them

Moreover, Lin Haoran was such a smart person.

How could he not know that he had fallen into a trap

No, that wasnt right.

Gu Yan came to a realization.

Although Lin Haoran didnt love Bai Weiyang at this time, he also wanted to get married to Bai Weiyang as soon as possible.

After all, the Bai family was much more powerful than the Lin family.

Moreover, it was also the critical moment for Lin Haoran to participate in the Snow Wolf squad assessment.

So… he planned to take advantage of the situation.

Gu Yan unknowingly finished a bowl of rice.

Hmm, she felt that she was in a pretty good mood.

After all, she sincerely hoped that Bai Weiyang and Lin Haoran would get married soon.

If not for the fact that Bai Changle was fighting with the food in a depressed manner, turning his anger into appetite, she would have asked the two of them when their wedding day would be.

She did not know if it would be too late to take the Galactic Alliance exam results as a big gift.

Gu Yan turned to look at Bai Changle and sighed in her heart.

This silly brother, Bai Weiyang is really not worth your anger.

Lu Ye did not care too much about Lin Haorans marriage.

He chatted casually with Bai Changle and then secretly looked at his little wifes expression.

His little wife should have heard that he was going to report to the Snow Wolf squad.

Although she might not know the exact details of the Snow Wolf squad, she should be able to deduce that he was going to leave again.

After all, his wife was so smart…

Lu Ye thought about it and decided to confess.

“Yan Yan, I was going to tell you about going to the Snow Wolf squad.”

“Okay, you can tell Commander Bai first.

Well talk after that.” Gu Yan had just finished eating.

She started to tidy up the bowls and chopsticks and said, “Ill send these bowls and chopsticks back to the canteen.”


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