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Chapter 334: The Taste of A Disappointed Love

Lu Ye, who was encouraged by the response, became even more excited.

He supported himself against the wall with one hand and hugged his little wifes neck with the other.

The tip of his tongue had already entered and started to sweep through the sweet space.

After encountering the soft and infatuated entanglement, he became even crazier.

They kissed and bit each others lips gently from time to time, as though trying to prove something.

When the kiss ended, both of them were slightly out of breath.

Gu Yan touched the corner of her mouth.

It was actually broken…

Lu Ye saw what she was doing and slowly approached her.

He kissed the wound on Gu Yans lips and asked, “Does it hurt”

“Of course! Of course it hurts!” Gu Yan said unhappily, “Why dont you let me have a bite!”

Lu Ye immediately came over.

“Yes, my wife can bite me anywhere on my body.”

Gu Yan: “…”

This person was getting more and more shameless.

Gu Yan pushed him and said, “Alright, Lu Ye, you said before that after my exam, you want me to go to your house, right”

“Yes.” Lu Ye clearly didnt have enough.

His eyes were still glued to his wifes slightly swollen lips.

He said, “You dont have to take this matter to heart.

Just focus on preparing for the Galactic Alliance exam.”

“… Actually, Im not nervous about the Galactic Alliance exam.

Im quite nervous about going to your house.” Gu Yan sighed.

She was telling the truth.

Of course, if Jiang Yue and the others heard that Gu Yan was facing the Galactic Alliance exam so calmly, they would not know whether to laugh or cry again.

Just as Gu Yan and Lu Ye were talking affectionately, president Gao had already caught up with Qi Hao.

He saw his nephews gloomy face and was silent.

President Gao Sighed.


“Uncle, Im fine.” Qi Hao looked up, his expression still stiff, but he said, “Come on, lets go celebrate Grandmas birthday.”

“Are you really fine” President Gao was still worried.

“… Didnt you deliberately let me see them” Qi Hao raised his head, and then his eyes darkened again.

“Uncle, dont mention this to me now, Okay”

“Sigh, okay.”

Principal Gao didnt say anything either.

The two of them walked home together.

Qi Hao bit his lip.

His thoughts drifted off but he was very smart.

He could see that his uncle had deliberately let him meet Lu Ye just now.

He also knew that he was disappointed.

Yes, it was a relationship that had ended before it had even begun.

Qi Hao suddenly laughed at himself.

He had been with so many girlfriends all his life, and there had been a few breakups that were initiated by the other party.

However, he had never felt such disappointment.

But today… he had experienced it meticulously.

This feeling was really f*cked up.

Gu Yan was really different from all the people he had been with before.

She was even different from all the girls he had known.

Sometimes, she was like a queen.

She was very good at everything, and people were willing to submit to her.

But sometimes, she was intelligent, like an elf.

She was too nimble, and people couldnt catch her tracks.

Gu Yan who was this amazing..

Qi Hao couldnt help but sigh.

Did they meet each other too late

He suddenly said, “Uncle, do you think if I had met Gu Yan earlier, oh no, if I had been three or four years older and met Gu Yan earlier, she would have liked me”

Principal Gao was a little worried.

His eldest nephew seemed to have fallen a little deep this time.

He had not allowed him to talk about Gu Yan earlier, but in the blink of an eye, he had brought it up himself.

He deliberated for a moment and said, “Hao, actually, youre still young…”


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