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Chapter 327: Photos In The Wallet

The area around the train station was pitch black now, and only the train station was brighter.

However, because it was too late, there were fewer and fewer people.

It was Xiao Moshengs first time coming to the main planet.

When he was young, he had went to a foreign region so he was unfamiliar with the place.

Yet, he had encountered such a situation.

Just as Xiao Mosheng could not stand it anymore and his heart was filled with all kinds of emotions, Lu Ye, who had just run away, had returned.

Lu Ye was holding a black wallet in one hand and a bruised and swollen-faced man in the other.

The mans legs were weak, and he kept begging for mercy.

Lu Ye handed the wallet to Xiao Mosheng.

“Its your wallet, right See if theres anything missing inside”

Xiao Mosheng was stunned.

He immediately took his wallet and looked at the things inside.

Then, he felt relieved.

He said to Lu Ye gratefully, “Thank you so much.

I didnt even react in time.”

“No problem.

It was nothing.”

The thief who was being carried cried.

Why was he so unlucky.

He said sobbingly, “Big brother, hero.

Look, the things have been returned.

You ahve also beat me up, so just let me go.”

“If I let you go, will you still steal again Also, youre so old, who are you calling big brother” Lu Ye kicked him again.

“I dont dare, I dont dare.

I definitely dont dare anymore.” The thief quickly begged for mercy.

Lu Ye sneered, “I dont believe it! So, you can keep these words and tell them to the police department.”

When he heard that he was going to the police department, the thief immediately revealed his true colors.

He yelled, “Hurry up and let me go.

Im telling you, Im not someone to be trifled with.

When the time comes, Ill definitely take revenge on you!”

“Mhm, Ill be waiting for you.

Remember to come to the special training force and look for me.”

The thief:”…”

Lu Ye then turned around and said to Xiao Mosheng, “Youre not in a hurry, right Come with me to the police department.”


Xiao Mosheng naturally did not object.

After all, this matter started with him.

Moreover, he was quite surprised that Lu Ye was actually from the special training force.

However, after witnessing Lu Yes skills and temperament, it felt understandable that Lu Ye was from the Special Training Force.

However, Lu Ye pretended to look at Xiao Mosheng casually.

When he caught the thief and took his wallet back, he opened it and saw a photo in Xiao Moshengs wallet..

It was a photo of Xiao Mosheng with a woman, and that woman looked very similar to… Song Yaqin.

However, Lu Ye did not mention this.

After sending the thief to the police department, it was already midnight by the time they left.

Xiao Mosheng said sincerely, “Lu Ye, thank you for today.

Otherwise, I would have ended up on the streets.”

“Ive already said its nothing.

Piece of cake.”

Because Lu Ye had helped him today, and because Lu Ye was a member of the special training force, Xiao Mosheng had a very good impression of Lu Ye.

He was a little embarrassed to say this, “Lu Ye, do you know how to get to the arts platoon Im here to report to the arts platoon, so Im going to find a hostel near the arts platoon.

Ill go there tomorrow morning.”

“Good, its on the same way as me.”

After Lu Ye brought Xiao Mosheng to the hostel near the arts platoon, he turned around and returned to the dormitory of the special training force.

Could this Xiao Mosheng really have something to do with Song Yaqin

Such a precious photo was still in his wallet, which meant that woman was very important to him.

Lu Ye rubbed his chin playfully.

This was an unexpected gain.


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