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Chapter 315: Bring Her Home And Let Us See

“Ye, are you seriously set on that bumpkin! How could she be better than Yaqin!”

“Mom, have you met Gu Yan already”

Lu Ye wasnt in a hurry.

He calmly took a bite of his food and continued, “You havent even seen her once, but you already made a biased conclusion.

This is unfair for her.

Anything you heard might not be necessarily true.

You can only judge after seeing it in person.

Furthermore, Lin Haoran has always been at odds with me.

Thats why the opposite of what his father relayed should be closer to the truth.”

Qin Lanzhi was at a loss for words.

Just when she was about to speak, the old man suddenly coughed.

Everyone looked at him.

The old man interjected, “Then, find a time to bring her here.

Let us meet her for real.”

“Oh, sure.” Lu Ye grinned.

“Yanyan is preparing for her examination.

When the exam is finished, she will be on vacation.

I can bring her over during that period.”

“Mhm.” Elder Lu nodded seriously.

He then glared at Lu Haiyang.

“Are you planning to finish that fish all by yourself”

Lu Haiyang paused and obediently transferred the fish to the old man.

The topic had gone off the track.

It would be a bit hard for Qin Lanzhi to bring it back again.

Since Elder Lu already made his stance, she could only eat in silence and say nothing else.

After the meal, Lu Ye returned to his room to take a shower.

Thereafter, he went into the office to tell his father about joining the Snow Wolf Squad.

Qin Lanzhi was dissatisfied.

Although she didnt really know much about the special training force, she understood her son would be deployed to different places again.

After Lu Haiyang left the office, he saw his wife sitting on the couch, watching the television unhappily.

She kept changing the channel.

Clearly, she was absent-minded.

“Lanzhi, whats wrong” Lu Haiyang usually spoiled his wife.

He walked over as he checked in on her.

Qin Lanzhi sighed.

“When can Ye settle down Hes all over different places.

How come he has to be sent to more locations than you back in the days Whats worse, all his missions are dangerous, right”

“Mhm.” Lu Haiyang confirmed it through a nod.

“But thats Yes dream.

A soldiers job is to follow orders and protect the safety of the people.

Lanzhi, you belong to a military family.

I believe you know how it is more than anyone else.”

“When a son travels, the mother worries.

It is only natural.

I know Ye is joining the special training forces for the country, but I cant help but worry.” Qin Lanzhi suddenly remembered what they were talking about at the dinner table.

“Haiyang, you also agree on letting Gu Yan visit our house”

“My dad said it already, didnt he” Lu Haiyang subconsciously pointed it out, but then again, he felt it wouldnt be enough to placate his wife.

Hence, he continued, “Anyway, its just letting him bring her over so we can get to know her.

It is not as if we are allowing them to get married straight away.

Seeing is believing.

This saying is appropriate.

Lin Jiangdong, that bastard, isnt a good guy.

You cant just accept anything he says as the truth.

Let me tell you, Lu Ye almost didnt become a captain because of him.”

“Such a thing happened” Qin Lanzhi was surprised.

Lu Haiyang painfully recounted, “Based on reports, there was only one open position for the rank of captain.

If Ye manages to earn it, Lin Haoran will be forced to wait until the next round.

Lin Jiangdong wanted his own son to get it.

Luckily, the superior was observant.

Otherwise, Lin Haoran will snatch the position instead.”

Qin Lanzhi didnt know about this incident.

When she heard it, she became shocked and infuriated.

She said, “Ye has suffered too much being outside alone.”


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