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Chapter 313: I Wont Marry Anyone Else But Her

“Grandpa, my grandfather.” Lu Ye immediately leaned over and massaged the old mans shoulders.

He then said, “Grandpa, youre still strong despite your age.

You can kick away ten of those new recruits with a single kick!”

“Pfft, youre exaggerating too much.” Elder Lu wasnt actually angry.

He closed his eyes and pointed at his right shoulder.

“Use some force.

Did you become a soldier for nothing after all these years”

“Hahaha, I was worried you wouldnt feel comfortable.”

After Lu Ye sucked up to his grandfather, the old man finally loosened up.

“Ye, are you serious this time”

“Mhm, I wont marry anyone else but her.” When Lu Ye declared it, there was no trace of a casual smile on his face.

His expression turned serious.

He added, “Until death do us part.”

“How did you two meet each other”

Lu Ye thought about it before sharing the story of how Gu Yan saved his life in the mountains.

“Grandpa, from a young age, you taught me to be swift and decisive.

Why should I let go of the opportunity to get a good wife Thats why I asked the captain of the Logistics Department, Li Haili, to help me out.

By then, I started dating Gu Yan.”

Elder Lu didnt know whether he should laugh or cry.

“You know how to be decisive at this moment.”

“Mhm, what will I do if others steal her away!” Lu Ye recalled his rivals in love.

He became more certain his decision was wise!

Elder Lu took out a cigarette, lit it up, and puffed.

“Are you saying she is about to take the cosmic alliance exam”

“Mhm, yes.” Lu Ye nodded.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

Lu Haiyang poked his head and said, “Dad, Ye, the food is ready.

Come down to eat.”

“Alright.” Elder Lu finished the cigarette.

Seeing his grandfather proceed downstairs, Lu Ye frowned.

He felt a bit anxious.

After all, his grandfather hadnt clearly expressed which stance he would take.

In the next second, Lu Ye simply followed his grandfather with a calm demeanor.

Lu Ye knew that he wouldnt change his mind no matter what.

At the same time, he also remembered what his wife had said.

He had to employ an evasive tactic and not fight head-on.

In the end, this concerned his own mother.

Lu Ye still recalled that night when Gu Yan softly said she would marry him, even if his mother didnt agree.

They should not aggressively force things.

Otherwise, it would place him in a tougher position between his girlfriend and his mother.

He was absolutely going to marry Gu Yan.

However, Lu Ye wasnt the type who would abandon his parents completely.

Still, he felt even more touched that Gu Yan understood his difficulties.

Lu Ye took a deep breath and walked downstairs.

By the time he reached it, he saw his mother pick up the phone.

Lu Ye asked, “Mom, we are going to eat.

Who are you calling”

“Im going to call Yaqin.

She has been back for a while.

You guys havent seen each other for a long time, right”

Lu Ye frowned upon the mention of Yaqin.

But then his eyes flashed as he put the phone back in place.

He said, “Mom, I already saw her on my way here.

She has something she needs to do.

She cant pick it up even if you call her.”


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