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Chapter 294: You Cant Help Her Forever

The two couldnt stay with each other now, Gu Yan couldnt really help Shen Jiayi all the time.

Moreover, Shen Jiayi had to control her own life in the future.

Friends could help for a while but not for the rest of her life.

Even so, giving out a reminder was still necessary.

Gu Yan said seriously, “Jiayi, that Shen Nana has always been at odds with you.

So many things happened afterwards.

Although she temporarily stopped now, I dont think she forgot everything.

She dared to urge Lin Xiaoyu to scald me with heated water before.

I know she is a really vengeful person.”

Shen Jiayi couldnt forget the scene between Lin Xiaoyu and Gu Yan either.

She nodded silently.

When she raised her head again, her eyes were very firm.

“If shes just taking advantage with some words, I will ignore her, or else she would get more satisfaction out of it.

But if she really does something underhandedly, I wont let her go even if the elders get involved!”

The ancient saying goes,He who stays near the vermilion gets stained red, and he who stays near the ink gets stained black.

If your friends knew their likes and dislikes clearly, then you would be gradually influenced too.

The current Shen Jiayi was completely different from her past self, who was reclusive and thought too much, in Gu Yans previous life.

Even though she still looked a bit weak, Gu Yan knew that Shen Jiayi had her bottom line.

She knows how to endure as long as her bottom line isnt touched.

However, once someone breaches it, she will explode.

Sometimes, an honest persons outburst will be more shocking.

Gu Yan patted her shoulder.

“Shen Nana is full of tricks.

Be careful.

As for friends, look for people like me and Guo Rou.

A lone wolf always gets excluded from social circles.”

Guo Rou interrupted, “Gu Yan, youre giving her a hard time.

How can there be people as excellent as us in the Arts Department”

“Your shamelessness…” Gu Yan was at a loss for words.

Shen Jiayi nodded to Gu Yan, saying, “Gu Yan, I understand what you mean.”

Ever since she bravely stood on stage and sang, Shen Jiayi had been working hard to try many first-times.

For the first time, she made friends.

For the first time, she advanced her own interest, and for the first time, she thanked her mother for her hard work.

Shen Jiayi still remembered the moment she expressed her gratitude.

Her mom teared up instantly.

Although they had moved from the countryside to the city, the mother-and-daughter pair only had each other.

Life was very tough.

Shen Jiayis gratitude to her mother struck deep.

The two cried together, not due to sadness but because of joy.

All these changes were brought to her by Gu Yan.

Hence, Shen Jiayi was very grateful to Gu Yan.

However, she still wasnt good at expressing herself.

Shen Jiayi remembered deeply that if one day Gu Yan needed her, she would be willing to do anything!

The three of them chatted, and time flew by.

Soon, it was almost time for dinner, and only then did the two girls realize they had spent so much time!

Guo Rou patted her purse.

“Lets go, its my treat today.

Lets eat.”

“Sure, I wont be too polite with you on this.” Gu Yan smiled, but she sighed to herself.

She needed to find a way to earn money.

Gu Yan had to return to school later, so the three of them didnt go very far.

They went to a nearby Sichuan restaurant.

Coincidentally, they ran into Qi Hao again.


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